I know this post is going up late. Our baby girl have already been here for like 19 days. We have gone through many growth spurts many tantrums from kiddo and many many sleepless nights.

This post will be heavy in words and no pictures so just warning you.

I’ll start it off by saying that each birth story can be very different and even for myself from having kiddo to having girl the story is a complete night and day difference. With kiddo I was induced at 41+6. It was a very long process including me stalling at 9 for several hours. I did my labor process with kiddo with no epidural and had major back labor due to his presentation. This background info is good to know for what happened with girl.

I had an appointment to be induced at 41+2. The night before I know now that I had like two actual contractions but they were very short and manageable and definitely in my back. Of course I had a terrible sleep prior to the appointment but with having terrible sleeps for four months now that isn’t anything new. I got up nice and early, my mom came to pick me and kiddo up to drop me off at the hospital and kiddo at daycare (hubby was working the field and from last time you don’t know if you are the chosen induction until like 9 am after being at the hospital for a few hours. As I said goodbye to kiddo he told me he loved me which was the only thing to make me cry that day. His world was going to change so much.

Got into the hospital and went into the room and again it was a 50/50 chance of me being induced or another lady. Lucky for me I showed up 15 minutes early and the other showed up 30 minutes late so I was the chosen one! The on call doctor then came in and started the process by breaking my water as I was already at a 3.

I was then allowed to roam the halls (this time I was gbs negative versus last time I was positive so I didn’t need to be hooked up to any Ivs. I had to wait until my regular doctor came in at lunch time to see if I should be started on pitocin or not. She came in around 1215 and I was, sadly, still a 3 but I swear she did a little something down there as even though as she was leaving and said ‘I’ll put in the request for the pitocin’ we didn’t have to start it as like 15 minutes later I was starting to get very regular contractions.

These contractions were solely back labor. I guess I don’t get regular in your stomach labor it is strictly in my back which hurts!! Well labor hurts any ways. About an hour or so later, the nurses brought me into one of the delivery rooms as things were starting to get closer together. The contractions were also irregular. Sometimes they were three minutes a part and then sometimes thy wee thirty seconds they had no rhyme or reason.

Timeline is a little iffy but within like another hour I had gone from 3 to a 6. I should not forget to mention the hubby did come in about an hour prior to help do counter pressure on my back during each contraction. Things were getting very intense and because last time I went for a very long time with no progression I wanted the epidural so the nurses said ‘alright he will be here in 15 minutes’. This is the only time I actually looked at the clock as he took about 30-45 minutes instead – guess the other girl in the other room wanted one as well. I should also say that I had a new nurse training too which meant doubly cervical checks which I don’t remember them hurting this bad last time but they were terrible and always brought on another contraction.

So, back to epidural man, they have to check you prior and well within 3.5 hours I had gone from a 3 right to a 9 there was no time as girl was coming fast and furious. And literally within another maybe 15 minutes the doctor had gotten there and within 6 minutes of pushing, girl was out.

It was very surreal as it was the complete opposite to what happened last time. I remember when she came out with that last push I was seriously thinking ‘how in the hell is this already over and I have a girl on my chest’ I was shocked.

She was a nice 8 lbs 12 oz just like her brother and I need to find his chart to compare head sizes but i feel her head is smaller but when you compare it to a toddlers head of course it is smaller.

Cue to coming home and figuring things out. This girl is the complete opposite to kiddo. She hates the swaddle has yet to accept multiple types of soothers hates sleeping on her back spits up like a champion everything. The only thing they have in common is late night gas rages due to my forceful let down. I don’t think I have to remove anything from my diet yet but now is the time that you find out.

Kiddo has been like expected. Some days are better than others. He is oddly protective yet sometimes wants her to leave. He also clings to me like ever before. No one else can help him but me and if people try it escalates into one screaming child which then makes girl sleep terribly and the cycle gets worse. This ‘too shall pass’ which is my most hated saying in the world but it is true. We have watched more tv than I care to admit but girl will not stop being on the boob so I do not have the capability to do otherwise. She also sucks at daytime sleep and night time is alright but kiddo set the bar really low for sleep so I thought anything would be better but nope my kids prove me wrong again and again.

I just hope I figure something out in the next three weeks before I head back to work so that our caregiver won’t have such a big pain working with the two kids. I have only tried one bottle so far but she wasn’t really hungry so that’s on our docket this week is trying to get her to do more bottle/soother and trying to get kiddo to not be a 5 stage clinger.

As for weight, I gained a total of 44 pounds and by hospital discharge I had already lost 14 pounds and by a week later I was down another 16. I knew a lot was water retention as I couldn’t see me toes, ankles, wrist or fingers anymore and I haven’t stepped on the scale yet and won’t until one month out as I don’t want to stress this time like I did last. I do know I have to eat a ridiculous amount or else my milk supply dips and I’m already starting a freezer stash so I’ll get working on my eats when I figure things are more stable.

41 Weeks

For those who have taken any stats class or math for that matter, when they state your ‘estimated due date’ it is basically an average. There will be a lot that go before their due date, a lot on their due date, and a lot after their due date.

I’m one that goes over their due date. I’m pretty sure too that if I would be allowed in modern medicine, that I would go to the bitter end of 43 weeks. On one hand, I would love to experience natural labor (pitocin, to me, is the devil) but on the other, each day that this lil lady stews adds another ounce to her weight. I have a few days left until we have the elusive scheduled induction and I’m doing almost all that I can in the meantime to bring on natural labor, but just like last time most of those efforts were futile. I went to a full 42 weeks last time (the hospital I deliver at is a very busy center so I got bumped a few days to accommodate all those other birthing moms), this time I don’t think I will get to go that far unless I get bumped like 5 times.

I am still working, not a full load of clients like I normally do and we were just booking them day to day. For the most part, everyone is excited to talk about the impending labor moment and the new baby to show up, but I had one very judgemental person that after I explained that I do not pay into the maternity leave program here in Canada, if I don’t work I do not earn an income, that although yes I will take sometime off and be more part time when I come back, I still have to come back to work. This person kept saying that “the baby needs their mother” and I’m like yes I understand that, but each situation is different and this is the hand that I was dealt/chose. I didn’t go into the fact that I am very much attachment style parenting and will be nursing and pumping as much as I can (if I can mimic what happened last time exactly) and for as long as I can. When I am home, there is nothing between me and my kids. I understand this is an area of life that people feel they can state whatever they want to whomever they want and due to my position I usually just grin and bare it because going off on a mad tangent doesn’t do anybody justice (except, of course, I put it down here ūüôā )

At least today will be my last day of work.

One last photo comparing 11 weeks to 21 weeks to 31 weeks to 41 weeks:


And yes, I have managed to hit the 40 pound weight gain. Oh well! Only a few more days left until I can say “I lost weight like the celebrities, 20 pounds in 1 week! Best weight loss plan ever ūüėČ ”

Weeks 37-40

I have been pregnant this entire year. And yes, I am still pregnant too. Not sure if it was wishful thinking on everybody else’s part, but a lot were saying that I would go way early – like two weeks early – and I thought to myself YEAH RIGHT! Just like last time, my kids love to stew (I also think it is because how my hips are that prevents them from going easier down the canal but we will see if this theory is accurate when I do finally go into labor).

This part of the pregnancy I don’t have many qualms about; I feel like a normal human being expect having a large stomach that can’t bend down for the life of her. Most of the clients that come into work want to talk about it, ask about the due date and then have a shock and awe response when I say the due date is Saturday. I also love when you come in the next week and you say the due date was last week and they just can’t fathom! Yes I do live in Canada where they have this thing called “year long maternity leave” but because I own my business i do not pay into the system that gives you this leave and therefore if I don’t work I don’t make money and then the business starts to lose money.

The last four weeks have been basically identical to the last several months. I’m sleeping the same (although I caved and am just staying on the couch instead of going back and forth). I’m trying to soak up the last bits of time of having just one child. Still trying to tell kiddo what’s about to happen and he still has no clue. As of Tuesday I’ve gained 38 pounds (and with #1 I was only 30 pounds when I was induced at 42 weeks). Everyone that sees me says that I am way too small to be almost giving birth any day now. It’s true, this bump is smaller but I find it so strange that I’ve gained way more! I do think a lot is swelling related as I have not been able to wear my wedding rings in months and last time I wore it until delivery. These knuckles are pretty big! I’ve also had a lot of comments about the size of the baby – that because she is a girl she will be much smaller than her brother. I think looks are deceiving as I am very sure this kid will be probably identical sizing to the first one, including head size. I think I bought only one newborn outfit as kiddo #1 didn’t even really fit into his “coming home outfit” He was 8 pounds 12 ounces and probably due to the big size of his head coming through the canal he measured at 23.5″. Yep. Big.

Week 37:

Week 38:

Week 39:

Week 40:

Some nesting with the kiddo. We built a dresser together and he decided to paint himself while I did this…

For a kid who has never really had a ‘lovey’ or an inanimate object that he loves, I spoke too soon as he has just found that he loves this piggy. This was a piggy given by my mother to the new kid.

And then the first pregnancy, Week 38:

Week 40:
I had posted this one on my facebook last time stating “Still pregnant, boss is coming to work in flip flops and her lululemons”

Now to end this all up, I’ve been thinking about the future of this little corner of internet I have here. Yes work has been busy. Taking care of life is busy. Having another child is busy and so I don’t necessarily know where i want to take this space. I have never wanted to be a huge blogger and draw in a crowd and it was more of a place to put my thoughts out there, but I don’t know if it is something I want to do for much longer. I do dislike when bloggers take a long or permanent hiatus without saying anything about it so it leaves you wondering if they are dead and then of course wondering if I ever gave birth too, so there maybe a few more posts up in this area, but then I maybe bidding adieu as I’d rather read than write!

Weeks 33-36

So I’m a little bummed. I had some free time at work so I typed up the first 3/4ths of the post, thought I saved it, but nope. It is lost into the interwebs. We will see how well I can retype this up.

I first started rambling on about the weather. We have had the most humid and hottest summer, I swear, on record. Us prairie folk love to complain about the weather it is never good enough. I shouldn’t complain too much as this is the first summer we have actually had in the last three years (I am married to a farmer so he let’s me know these kind of facts). I would have loved to enjoy this summer but being pregnant, the heat just equals me becoming one swelling mess.

Onto my typical format:

Workouts/Running: Non existent. I would consider myself lazy if I had to do comparisons. But at the end of the work day, my ankles look worse for wear so I do put my feet up. My job isn’t a sitting type of job so I do move around a lot. I do miss going for a run though. And I get such a jealous mentality when I read race reports and I already am looking forward to next running season and contemplating doing the marathon again next year. (let’s see if the bold format is done correctly here… it maybe an entirely bolded paragraph sorry if that was the case)

Sleep: OH goodness. I know I am a terrible sleeper anyways and I won’t get a full nights rest for at least another year after the birth but wow, I alternate between full on insomnia nights and nights I can’t get comfortable. I also alternate between the couch and the bed all throughout the night. I am sure if we had a surveillance camera on it would make people very confused in our household at night time. As there I am, carrying all my pillows from the bedroom to the couch and then the couch and back. I do really like the couch which we have figured it is because it is slightly cooler in that room versus the bedroom even though we do have a/c.

Eats: I think I have been doing well here. I want to start eliminating dairy from my diet very soon. The first kiddo had a terrible milk allergy (think colic and gas) and I would like to minimize those little baby terrors as soon as I can. I went to costco the other day and got a batch of hemp milk. I don’t really like it but will still drink it (since I hate to waste), but I am going to go back and get some almond milk instead, maybe a thing of coconut milk too (as well as a butt load of diaper wipes you just can’t beat their prices as well their wipes are just that good!).

Movement: Baby girl is head down! And because she is getting bigger, the kicks are more easily registered. She is not ‘engaged’ at all and I know this because she constantly plays up in my ribs. There still is quite a few down times throughout the day, she just isn’t as active as kiddo ever was. It is still constant enough so I don’t have to worry just yet.


From my appointment, 32 whooping pounds. I only weigh myself on appointment days at home so I’m not too shocked with what shows up at the doctors office, and I keep stepping on thinking “maybe this will be the day the weight loss stalls” but nope, it just keeps going. I know part of it is water weight and sure activity has something to do with it but I am not eating like a horse everyday so it is just what my body is doing.

Symptoms: I have been sick for about the last month. Prior to our visit to Victoria in July, I picked up a cold. It was all in my nose and a dry cough. When we came back, I had about 2 days of relatively good health, and then kiddo who luckily did not get my first cold picked up a doozy from the day home. This one was terrible. I had first thought I had gotten allergies (I mean who gets colds back to back right?) plus I rarely sneeze and the first day I got this I sneezed about a bajillion times. I don’t have allergies either (should have been a clue). The next day it turned very mucousy and I couldn’t even get through a minute of speaking without hacking up a storm. This made work very difficult.

Because of all this, when I had went in for my 34 week check, doctor said I was measuring smaller than what they would have wanted in the last two weeks that I had seen them. She didn’t want me to worry as it could be due to baby’s position and other things but because the host (I) wasn’t doing well, we need to make sure baby is still growing just fine. So that meant I got to get another ultrasound! I’m so very low risk that I would only get the 12 and 20 week ultrasound so this felt like a treat. Also I should rewind a bit that I also wasn’t too worried as when I look at the weekly photos of myself, I feel like I am getting bigger anyways.

I had a great tech do the ultrasound, she was open to a lot of questions and felt good about the ultrasound. They measured the baby as well as measure fluids and things like that, when she went to the head I spoke up and said “I was wondering if you were going to measure the head, as I have a large head and kiddo has a large head” and then she responded “C-section or did he blaze a trail?” to which we laughed as he did the latter. This one is measuring exactly like kiddo, including the head, and she already has lots of hair too! The only thing I really noted is that, even though I ate a good lunch and had just a bit of sugar to help her move throughout the test, she wasn’t as active as kiddo.

Thoughts: I’m excited and nervous. Excited to be done being pregnant and being able to bend over, not go the bathroom as much, shave your legs, put on shoes easier, you know the luxury of living. But I’m also so nervous to go from one kid to two. I know we will make it through, everyone does, but it still plays with that part of my mind.

And now for some photos:

Week 33:

Week 34:

Week 35:


Week 36:

And to compare from last time: At this point I had only gained 22 pounds. How? I have no idea.

Week 34/36:

And then just because:

We had a successful #2 on the potty. I am in no way pushing for toilet training. I’ve heard boys take longer, plus with his world going to go through a major upheaval soon I just know there will be a regression, but if he says “poop” or “pee pee” we will go to the toilet. He usually tells us after the fact that he goes poop but still wants to sit on the toilet, but he told us before!

Oh August

It was a little weird yesterday writing out “July 31” and then waking up this morning and realizing that it is August. Which means I am 34 weeks today, which means anywhere between 4-8 weeks I will have another human being to look after (although I still feel it will be towards the 7/8 week mark). I don’t feel rather accomplished enjoying the summer time as I have had to work a lot and still will until I pop. This year has been a year of essentially no vacations. That isn’t 100% true, we did head out to Victoria a few weeks past for me to go to a continuing education course. We have gone to the lake for a long weekend. I have had more than just “three days off” in a row, we just haven’t really ventured out further than a ‘staycation’ so to speak.

Although yes I said that I am working a lot, things have settled down a little bit in regards to the stresses that were involved in my work life. I know some things will not be settled for a very long time but I am hoping that someone will finally realize that I am not the bad guy in the situation that I am just a business owner looking out for the best interests in my business as well as how that affects my home life. I have been really trying hard not to stress or hold on to some of these anxieties which has been very very hard as a lot of this has been not in my control and of course, extra stress cannot be good for baby.

Guess the purpose of this post is just to recap what has happened besides work in the month of July. So let’s get to the pictures!

– Amazing how humidity can really make or break a dough… I tried this recipe again a few weeks later and it looked much more like rolls instead of deflated something or others!


– Sometimes it is a good idea to let your kid create whatever he wants, throw it in the oven and see what bakes up. We created a really healthy oatmeal bake with stuff here and it was very tasty!


– Hanging at Aunty’s and playing with her stuff


– Got to make someone clean up the house right? Actually, I had started and he said for me to let him do it, so I did. Still had to go after him and actually vacuum properly. I have been wanting to get someone to come in and clean for the next month or two. I would really love that.


– I had decided against doing a garden this year. I had started one when I was pregnant with Kiddo but once he came into the picture, my garden got over run with weeds and so it died. This year I didn’t even try, except my mother in law always does one and says I can take whatever I want from it. Judging from this picture, I’d say the weeds are also taking over. You can find a few gems in there but I don’t think they will last.


– Someone got really upset that daddy drove away in the car without someone.


– How we play with play doh in our house.


– Not sure where I will be able to fit the new baby on myself once they get here as kiddo takes up a lot of the room even with the belly in the way. He brought home a cold from babysitters which we all got (lovely…) and even though he is the biggest cuddler anyways he is even more when he doesn’t feel good.


Yep, that pretty much sums up my July!

Weeks 30-32

I know, I know. These posts are the easiest to do and although my life is starting to get easier on the work front, things never truly get easier they just get different. In fact, I’ve been slacking so much on the blog front that wordpress looks like it had a major upgrade for doing up the posts. Not sure if I am a fan yet…


Workouts/Running: Not happening. Just walks. I had to run after Kiddo on the weekend as he doesn’t hear the words “Stop, stay here, don’t go” and then bam he gets hit by a little kid on a swing, and I get even more of that jarring sciatic pain. And to be honest, I really am feeling lazy this pregnancy. I’m so tired all.of.the.time.

Sleep: What sleep? I can usually fall asleep so fast, but it is the staying asleep that is hard. I also have to find a comfortable surface to sleep on. There are a few mattresses in our house that kill my back, or make my hips fall asleep, or just random body parts will fall asleep. A few nights I have relinquished myself to the couch and actually got a surprising 7 hours STRAIGHT of sleep. That did not repeat the next night however.

Eats: I’m still getting full quicker and it is usually after lunch that I will eat a good meal – usually not too much food so to speak – but 30 minutes later OH MY GOODNESS, I am full city. That feeling will linger until past 7 pm. I sometimes feel hungry before but I just can’t squeeze anything more in. I’m trying to find that right balance, but that being said I will mentally not eat a big-ish meal and plan a snack for mid afternoon just in case, but it the belly will do what it wants.

Movement: This girl loves the transverse position. She will switch to head down but then goes right back to ‘tickling’ both my sides at the same time. I know there is still a lot of room and a lot of time for her to stay head down but truth be told, hubby was a breach baby. Sure our first was head down from like day 1, but hubby is the 4th kid out of 5 and this was also back in the day that the doctors attempting almost any kind of birth. I am afraid that this girl will take after her daddy in more ways than one and will eventually end up breech which I fear means immediate c-section. Sure there are worse things in life and heck my my mom had 3 c-sections, but I would just rather not. So every day I pray this little girl goes and then remains head down. At my appointment, the doctor had said research shows that it matters more how the female was born versus the male. So if I was a breach baby I would have a higher chance of a breach baby but not because my hubby was breach. So I hope that that research had a good testing model…

Weight: 25 pounds. Which yes I am obviously up way more than last time, when I consider the last few weeks, my weight gain has slowed which makes me happy. I do not like photos of myself as all I see is a puffy face and limbs, but this too shall pass and is only temporary for a few more weeks.

Symptoms: Besides a hurting back, or waking up with limbs asleep, I don’t have big complaints in this area.

Thoughts: Here is negative nelly starting to pop back into my head. We had a great long weekend up at the lake. Kiddo was enjoying the water, I was out there with him in my tank top covered bikini enjoying myself too until my sis forwarded some photos of the weekend and I, kid you not, look more overweight than pregnant just how my clothes fit and hung on my body. I had a very bad time after that. It also didn’t help that my mom talked to my hubby after I had went to bed one night asking “Why I was gaining so much this time around” but then not to mention that to me – but my hubby doesn’t keep much from me (even though I would have let him keep that comment to himself) as 1) I’m aware of what my body is doing 2) This heat is insane and the water retention is no joke 3) This is just what my body is doing this time I’m not not in control if that makes sense. I’ve been working on my eats since my big 10 pound weight gain a few weeks back and I have been doing fairly well there, I’m not constantly eating the moon and more, but I know that I am bigger and I see it in the mirror too. I had a really good cry the night my hubby told me as it confirmed what I was thinking about myself. And although my hubby was nice and calming and saying that this is just pregnancy, there are a lot of things out of my control, I get all negative as in the beginning of our relationship I know what he likes in regards to the female body and that is not me at all right now and so I get very insecure there.

And now for photos:

Week 30:


Week 31:


Week 32:

In all honesty, I don’t look that big from the side, it is true. The front is another story but you can’t do good growth comparisons that way. And also, somehow, I swear I lost another week in there but I have no idea!

From Pregnancy #1:

Week 30:


We were in Hawaii!

Week 32:


Weight gain at the 32 week mark was on 18 pounds…

And for cuteness cuddling the current bump:
This photo does show how massive his brain is. Yes i did say brain, not head, he has always been in the >97%. He gets that from me.

Weeks 25-29

And then, there I was, in the third trimester…

It is so true, the second pregnancy goes way faster than the first.

Following the format from last time, here we go:

Workouts/Running:  Non-existent.  As soon as I pressed publish last time, I got terrible sciatic pressure when I went for a run.  This did happen last time too, so it just means I have to stop.  I can still walk just fine which is good as kiddo loves outside.  I can barely stay still with him.

Sleep:¬†Still wake up at least once a night to go the bathroom and this is a lot less than last time. ¬†I’d say I’m sleeping fairly well albeit a couple nights a week of wicked insomnia. ¬†During these times,¬†I can’t fall back asleep until it is essentially time to get up. ¬†I’m also a little uncomfortable already (shocker) in the hip area which requires a lot of pillows.

Eats:¬†I have had quite a few stressful weeks lately and so I have been eating more of the crappy food than the good. ¬†My skin previously was doing fairly nicely (hardly any hormonal break outs) but as soon as the stress hit, the zits hit the surface; which I also know is due to sugar and other carbs. ¬†I am not¬†overeating (I know for a fact) as 1) I can’t as my stomach size has had to make room for the baby and I get really uncomfortable if I do. There have been a few days at work I’ll get so ravenous before lunch that when lunch hits I over do it and boy I pay for it in the afternoon. ¬†This also has lead to quite a few midnight bursts of terrible indigestion where I can feel the acid coming up ** I know this is really due to the crappy food as when we had kiddo’s birthday as well as another outing cue the terrible food indigestion at midnight. ¬†I also know that I am not overeating as 2) from my last doctor’s visit, the doctor did raise their eyebrows at the large 10 pound gain in a month and said we won’t worry yet but if next month is as big we may start to look into diet things. ¬†So I still took it upon myself to just track my calories for the two weeks following that visit until my diabetic screening test. ¬†I don’t like to track calories as it reminds me of the restricting times of my life, but I did have to make sure I wasn’t absent mindedly eating way too much. ¬†Fast forward through those two weeks, and I had gained another 5 pounds!!! I was mad at myself and then said screw it to counting the calories I’ll just keep doing what I am doing and as of today I didn’t gain any weight in the last two weeks, so overall I count this month as a success. ¬†I also did pass my gestational diabetic screening test too.

Movement: This is getting more and more as the baby is getting bigger. ¬†I think my placenta has moved a tad from the anterior placement (which it ‘should’ do at some point) and the baby was also sitting transverse for the last few weeks so their feet and arms were outside the ‘placental zone’. ¬†For a few days, I was very sure that they went head down as I had my first baby hiccups this time around and those were felt very low with some strong kicks at the top of the belly. ¬†Even though I’m just 29 weeks now, I’m a little scared about the transverse situation and I know they will move a ton in the next few weeks as there is still a lot of room in there, so I am doing some “Spinning Babies” exercises to promote a natural head down posture.

Weight:¬†I mentioned in the Eats section that I am now up a total of 23 pounds. ¬†With the first I was up to 17 pounds as of right now, so technically I’ve started to even out a bit. ¬†Mentally I was in a poorer state with the first pregnancy in regards to food and I really am trying to relax about stuff and weight gain. ¬†Like before, as long as I am not eating stupid my body should do what it has to to sustain this little body (birthday parties not included).

Symptoms:¬† Besides the regular indigestion, still lots of burping, and acid reflux at night, I don’t really have a lot of other symptoms which is a great thing.

Thoughts:¬†With the amount of work stress I have been under in this last month (details of which I cannot get into due to possible legal ‘threats’) and I was telling hubby that this just was not the best year to have a baby. ¬†Sure, there never really is the perfect time to have a kid, nothing will ever be 100% anyways, but this year has been the worst. ¬†My stress level has been crazy and I’m not placing blame on anyone but it’s hard for me to relax like I could before having kids (like schedule a massage, go for a nice run/work out class at any time of the day that I wanted). ¬†I know the early years in child care are very draining on anyone and it will get easier as the kids become less reliant on mommy.

And now for the pictures:

Weeks 25/26



Weeks 27/28



Week 29:



And from last pregnancy Week 26/28




I can’t remember exactly when it happened, but looking at those photos I was using my blackberry for the photos. ¬†I think very shortly I decided one lunch hour to wash my jacket and unfortunately washed my phone with the load and ruined the phone and lost all my photos… that was my pregnancy moment. ¬†(There was one more where I was about 14 weeks, and we went out for supper and a hockey game with my sister in law and her hubby and I left my car running for the whole 90 minute supper. ¬†Luckily no one stole my vehicle and I still had gas to go home… it’s really funny now to think about.)

I’m also noticing that sure I feel very large, this belly really isn’t that big yet!