The First One

It’s always that one, where you sort of know, no one is really going to be reading this, but you got to get something out so that you at least start. Right? Am I right?

Of course I am. Knowing that no one is really reading allows me to agree with myself.  


Back history, probably a lot like others, I have been religiously reading blogs for over a year.  I started reading them as a way to keep myself awake while nursing my newborn, and then I continued to read them as a way to motivate myself to keep better nutrition, to start preparing for and completing a marathon.  And, well, it’s become a big obsession.  I cannot stop!


I know I am always a big thinker and love to write, if I hadn’t found my profession, I would have loved to be a writer (maybe one day 😉 ).  And I also just want to find an area where I can just put down my thoughts, maybe make myself more accountable, and just see where this goes.  Although everything on the internet is fairly permanent, it’s not like I can’t just stop whenever I want!  Anyways, if you are reading this, kudos for making it through all my run on sentences.