Where’s the run part?

I’ve obviously been doing a lot of thinking around this area.  And no, last night was not a repeat of the previous in regards to sleep.  He woke up after about 2 hours of sleeping on his own.  I don’t feel like it was a lot of wake ups compared to previously, but at least when I unlatched him he just rolled over and continued on in sleeping so I am counting that as a minor success.  Still I do have higher hopes in that I want to get more sleep…

So, where is the running or the ‘active’ part of this? It hasn’t happened in over a month.  Due to initally colder weather and that makes it harder to do stroller runs with the kiddo after work when he refuses to have a blanket over his legs, and then a broken treadmill at home (cannot run when he goes to bed), and now we have half-ly moved and I do have a brand spanken new treadmill just sitting in that basement waiting to be used.  But why not?  We do not have a fridge yet and I do refuse to move in without one (yes first world problems).  I know we could do it but I do not want to live from take out food for anywhere between 1-3 weeks.  We could have been in the house already for about 2, and to me that is unacceptable.  We probably will be out another week I’m assuming at least.  I will get there it will be okay.

But, I have started to look a little harder at myself as my pants are getting tight, I don’t like to calorie count as it feels restrictive when you feel so hungry, but when you compare that my exertion output is not nearly close to where it was when I was running, I did do some spot checks with my eating and I am eating anywhere between 500-1000 more calories than what I would typically need.  I do eat a lot when I’m bored (they call that emotionally eating) and one would say, how am I bored? I get like no time to myself, but you just find yourself shoving stuff into your mouth at the end of the work day.  I’m pretty good at work, it keeps me on my feet so I just go go go, but when I get home, I do cook a really good supper, but that seems to never be enough. It’s something that I will work on for sure.  

I’m also a little tired (no, really?) so my motivation is a lot lower than what it usually is.  Before the coldness hit and I had lunch time appointments galore, I would do a lot of my runs over the lunch hour.  I get between 60-90 minutes off at lunch depending, and that gives you a lot of time, and a lot of time for my sweat to stop dripping.  So I have contemplating leaving at lunch to use the treadmill.  I was “this” close today, but my afternoon slump hit earlier than usual.

Oh well, soon enough.


It is teething

So, last night, not so bad.  He had a great supper, snacks, you name it, we played like little kids.  I felt around in his mouth and that %*&^ incisor has still not yet broken through but you can feel it, and he had some rosy cheeks too.  Unfortunately, it is just one incisor the other areas don’t have any coming through.  Because of the rosy cheeks, I decided to give him some advil (advil apparently lasts longer) right before bed.

He went down around 7:45, I went to bed around 9, I heard a cry around 9:45? But I waited and it was just one cry, he went back to sleep, and then awoke around 12 for some cries.  So he came into our bed at that time, and because I was so tired myself, I don’t really remember a lot but just remember he wanted to nurse (and probably did) until like 3:30.  I finally looked at the clock at 3:30 and said that is it, I know you have been on the boob for a very long time, so I unlatched him, laid on my back, crossed my arms around the “sweet” spot.  Kiddo wasn’t too impressed, but he didn’t bicker for as long as I thought.  He didn’t sit up either (bonus), but kept on trying to move my arms away from my chest.  I would say maybe 3-5 minutes of bickering and then it sounded like he was asleep.  Then maybe 3 minutes after that, he complained again and I don’t remember if I had said anything or even responded – I acted a little bit asleep.  And he went back to sleep after like maybe another minute.  So not that bad! He then slept until 6:30 – which was unfortunate as my alarm goes off at 6:40, but still a little more success and there wasn’t a lot of crying involved.

It did tell me a bit that it is the teeth adding to the wake ups, so hopefully it is ending soon.  I will have to try and repeat what happened last night again tonight.  I don’t like to use a lot of pain medication or medications in general so if he does have the rosy cheeks again I may use some Advil, but if not I may tempt fate and not use it.  Can’t get any worse really.  

16 month sleep regression

I did a reach out to my facebook friend mamas because the kiddo has been up a crazy amount of time each night for I’m thinking like 10 days, he has been nursing nonstop all weekend long.  (My only break from nursing is when I go to work…) It is confirmed, kids have a major sleep regression at this time.  It is either that or the teeth make it worse.

Every night it is the same, I ask him if he wants to go to bed and he does, so we nurse right before bed (sleep specialists would say this is mistake #1) he doesn’t fall asleep on the boob, I put him in his crib.  Now before this major sleep regression, he would stay in his crib for 3-4 hours depending, not that bad and then I would bring him into the bed with us.  But now? Oh it varies between 45-90 minutes. And then, last night, he was up 3 times before 2 am, and then decided to comfort nurse for roughly an hour before I got to go back to sleep, but then we were still up probably another 2 or 3 times before the alarm clock went off at 6:40.  And this comfort nursing business, I know it is comfort as he will fall asleep, I know he is asleep, and so I unlatch him and he screams bloody murder.  And I’m like you were just asleep! And another thing that bugs me is my kiddo hates blankets on him, must be too much weight on his legs.  It is getting colder here, and our room last night was pretty cold even for me (I’m a hot sleeper, flannel pajamas are my enemy) and so i would want to put the blankets on him too, oh but no, he would scream scream scream and like thrash his legs around.  [side note: just saw that pajamas is a misspelled word, it has to be pyjamas and that to me just looks wrong – maybe that’s the American/Canadian difference?].  

So I did tell the kiddo last night when he screamed for the billionth time after me trying to unlatch him in that hour long session, I said this is the last night, we start training tonight.  Like I said previously (I think anyways) I am such a softie when making him cry it out.  Crying it out is a very hotly debated topic too, you are damned if you do, damned if you don’t.  We have tried it a few times there, I believe this would be attempt number 4.  Each and every time prior, he has massive poops throughout it, it stresses him out.  And these poops you can’t really leave him in them except if you are doing the full extinction method of sleep training it is hard to check if he has pooped or not until after he has fallen asleep, and then you walk into the room and wham you smell it, you attempt to change it without him waking (which is hard to do) and then half the times the cycle repeats.  I think one night he had THREE poops…

You always feel you are doing a wrong thing when you hear them wail, but you know that you need longer stretches of sleep and yes part of it is he has associated going to sleep or rather getting to sleep by mommy all night long, and yes I do love it still, I just wish I would get like a 6 hour stretch of sleep.  

I do know if we do it, I really have a strong feeling and this is where the hubby and I fight about (well among other things when you have a little kiddo screaming his head off what multiple issues over night) that he just wants to cut out all night feeds night one.  And I’m like well if you are used to getting milk at certain points of the night you will wake up hungry or rather get the hunger cues.  So I will continue feeding but at specified times throughout the night.  Depending when he goes does, I will not feed him (or even enter) before 5 hours have gone by, and then it’ll probably be every two hours after that (I’m guessing maybe I’ll be lucky…) and then after a few nights of that, I will push it to 6 or 7 hours and then my hopes is that in due time he will drop them naturally.  I am really done with the nursing business, so I probably will have to do the push myself.

Well, that was a lot longer than I thought I would type about it, and probably tomorrow I will type more and I think I have to get better at the run on sentences!

The weekend

The weekend always goes by too quickly. We did a lot this weekend so it was fair that it went by too fast.

Every Saturday, I have begun doing pancake breakfast. It’s a nice change up from the weekday and I want to start some traditions with the kiddo. I make a cottage cheese pancake that i found from the whole foods website. Don’t they look good? I can’t wait until Saturday again!


It is also getting colder and colder outside. I don’t think it broke over zero the entire weekend.  Boo that! At least we got to see some mama cat and her babies hangout in front of the kitchen sink.


Not too sure how this is going to format from my phone, always first time for everything.

We also did a lot if driving this weekend as we headed to a cousin’s baby shower in the city, and we got a new dish set that was 50% off!! And we went to Costco multiple times. So I saw a lot of this:


Looks warmer than it is because of that Sun, but it is deceiving!

The kiddo was not cooperating a lot this weekend with sleep, the naps were poor and sleep was crazy up like 5 or 6 times and so I’ll probably be talking about that a lot this week as something has to change.  It is amazing how much a hubby and wife can fight due to lack of sleep and a crying baby! But right now, the kiddo did go to sleep so I have to get in the shower and get prepared for tomorrow or otherwise I won’t be able too! (As the kiddo will wake up and want to come into the bed)

Finally Friday 4

My favorite day has arrived again!  This weekend I am looking forward to a little relaxation, probably a little shopping, and a baby shower for a cousin in law.  I hope the weather cooperates as we woke up to:



Yes blurry, and yes I should have taken a photo yesterday when it was -4 and frost on the windshield.  The weatherman says it is supposed to be highs of 15 or so, but yesterday I think we topped 5… As again, the weatherman has trouble predicting the weather!

That is alright, I hope I get to sleep in this weekend, maybe pray for a longerish stretch of sleep over night? Probably not yet. Oh well.  Have a good weekend.

A First

During the night, probably like everyone, you come up with some ideas of what to write about the next day.  Last night was like that except I didn’t write down those thoughts.  I thought I would have a good memory and remember what I was going to write about – but nope, those thoughts vanished into thin air! 

My mom would like to say that that is my mom brain.  Some thoughts will just “poof” go away.  For the most part, I swear I have a good memory! 

The first for this post would be to include a picture.  I’m still wary of posting of picture of myself on this site just yet, I know it will come, but I was going to share a picture of what I baked last night.  I baked some healthy-ish muffins.  What I wanted to cook was some pumpkin muffins so that we could have pumpkin pancakes this morning for breakfast but we were out of canned pumpkin.  Yes, we did have a full actual pumpkin sitting on the floor but that is to make a jack-o-lantern, and let’s be honest way too much work to make creamed pumpkin if you ask me.  When I found out that we had no pumpkin and I wasn’t going to go out and get some after I came home from work I had to switch my baking.  When I bake, I do like to make things just slightly healthier – you can’t always and that is fine, but I made these pretty healthy.  My sister had made a bazillion apple pies last weekend and one batch of the ‘innerds’ did not work out, they were way too soft, so it turned into applesauce.   I had added a lot of this applesauce to my muffn mix along with some oatmeal, banana, shredded carrots, raisins. And voila! Carrot muffins!  When I bake, I like to make things that I feel okay giving my kiddo.  So not too much sugar – which worked well with me as when I also looked into the pantry we had some brown sugar but it was, well, hard as a rock. I could only get some of the crumbs of it into the mix.  I did put a little maple syrup in it.


What I am also finding with my baking style is yes I always have to have a recipe.  Always, I need it as reassurance that the recipe is going to work out.  But now, I am starting to freestyle a tad as 1) we have no measure sticks in my current house except the “1 C” measure so I just eye it out.  It has been working so far. I am also feeling free to swap in different ingredients to suit my tastes.

I should start putting up more photos of my baking as my hubby laughs at my cookies.  They almost never cook flat.  They stay how I create the balls.  Too many substitutions maybe? Oh well, they still taste great…



I can never get enough of it.  I have been stressed out due to multiple factors, my kiddo has yet to give me more than a 5 hour stretch.  Okay, Okay, he has TWO times but I still woke up at the regular intervals (they call it ‘mommy insomnia’).  I know this all plays into how my body is just stressed out and, to me, falling apart.  I think I have taken off about a month of cardio – I have not ran in a long time.  I have been doing Tina’s best body boot camp, and so I am doing the strength component and getting the heart rate up.  I did do this slightly intentionally.  It started off not – it was raining, broken treadmill, excuses, excuses, but then I thought to myself I should stop for a bit to see if that helps destress my body.  I feel like I have gained like 10 pounds in a short amount of time.  I have not weighed myself since sometime in summer so I am not sure.  I do know most of my pants are tight, I had to go up in a size when I bought new clothes (which I hate to do and drops my self esteem).  And when I get to look at photos of myself, I look so puffy!!!!

I know lack of sleep adds stress to the body so the cortisol is probably to blame for my moon face.  I also feel that my hormones are out of whack for multiple reasons.  I am getting acne on my BODY which hasn’t happened since I was a teenager.  I do have an appointment with my general doctor to get some blood work, but I am afraid they are going to say “Well you are still breast feeding, still not getting quality sleep, and you don’t have a family history of thyroid issues, not to mention stress factors a & b [which I won’t get into those as I can’t for confidentiality reasons].  They still will run the panel, but I am almost betting I won’t get a phone call back saying they are abnormal.  The factors will be within a normal range.  They always are.  

I have to wait about three week until I can get in, so until then I guess I just have to work on trying to de-stress my life.  Which I don’t think will happen for a few months if not more.  I am seriously contemplating sleep training, which is also stressful, I hate hearing my kiddo cry especially at night and especially too when he just wants to be close and cuddled.  Who wouldn’t want that! What is so wrong with that! But everyone does have their own views on baby sleep, to each their own.