Motherhood Insomnia

Yesterday was one crazy day.  It started with my nanny coming an hour early, which was fine as I took the advantage to grab a coffee from Second Cup.  It would have been my, um well, second cup of the day.  I like to get a half sweet vanilla bean latte medium from them.  That vanilla bean syrup is just too darn tasty (which I have been trying to minimize the amount of processed sugar from my diet for eons…).  The guy heard me just a tad wrong – no don’t worry I got exactly what I ordered, but in a LARGE.

Needless to say I was hopped up on caffeine.  


Work of course was work, which I love what I do for the most part (I have started to listen to a lot of holistic podcasts which makes me want to do a career change but that would mean another 8+ years of school to my already 8 years and that isn’t going to happen), but I swear we are the only place that a person can come in 3 hours after their scheduled appointment and still get seen.  I love being on time and on time for everything so this does bother me.  I was on schedule at the end of the day but still it stresses me out when I’m thirty minutes behind.

Got home, severely tired, got to play with my son, and make a great supper.  My kiddo is almost 16 months, he’s becoming such a character but also getting lots of tantrums, so it gets frustrating toward the end of the day when he is so cranky and I’m tired, I have to really practice patience.  We’ve had many issues with getting him to ‘sleep through the night’ our longest stretch was a one time 8 hours – the others have been max 5 and those are very rare – and I’ve been trying to figure out if there is a ‘max’ amount of wake time he needs vs. not and really there is no pattern.  He had two good naps yesterday, I thought he would go to bed about an hour AFTER he actually went down.  At least this part is slightly easy, when he gets frustrated with everything – like I put his chair back into the closet and he screams – I know it is time for bed, and he went down quickly.  We only had 3 wake ups which is actually a good night believe it or not!

But the part of this post (which has taken me this long to get to) is, he slept from 7:40 ish until midnight, I slept from about 9:30 til that time, and then when he went back to sleep, I was up insomnia-like until about 3:30… not fun motherhood not fun. My mind starts to then wander and contemplate things like diet, life, relationships, do I have thyroid issues or am I just overeating issues… and then of course that keeps me up even more!

I didn’t get a chance to run over my lunch hour which was fine, but I did complete Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp Workout A and Abs.  Because of my son’s poor sleeping patterns I can’t get out to a regular gym or class and my motivation at home by myself is poor, but with this program I’m actually doing great with it so far!

So many things in this post I could go on and talk about a bit more, which is what I”ll do in the future, but like I said I’m just getting started in this online journey and there is lots of time for myself to chat it up here, by myself…


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