The joys of co-sleeping

Like I mentioned yesterday, my kiddo doesn’t sleep through the night.  Out of necessity with me working quite early after having him, we ‘fell’ into co-sleeping when he was 6 months old because he was literally up every 45 -75 minutes, it was insane, for about a week or more.  It’s definitely not for everybody, I don’t move a lot when I sleep, and for the most part i am a very light sleeper, except for sometimes now when I do fall asleep it can be fairly deep.  

We always start the night with him in his crib and then I bring him into bed after the first wake up which can happen anywhere (like last night) after two hours or the night prior we had 4 1/2 hours!.  Last night, again (and of course as soon as you mention it to anyone it will change) we had a fairly good night I think a maximum of three wake ups.  I remember his wake up around 5:30 this morning, I woke up just before it as I had the craziest dream about a world invasion that I think is related to a movie I watched maybe over a year ago, but he was right cuddled up next to me.  Even if I move him to the other side of the bed to give myself more room, I”ll wake up with him right there.  I do like that part.  I don’t necessarily like the multiple wake ups but I have come to peace with it, but I like the cuddles.  

I also really like when we do wake up for the day, he is just so happy to see me.  I know, I know, he’d probably be just as happy if he woke up in his crib and I came and got him, but that’s not us, yet.

It also makes me smile when on the weekend, he got up, I placed him on the floor and then he grabbed my glasses for me to put on.  Now that’s a sweet heart!


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