Titles are hard!

Only what, day 4 and titles are hard.  But I guess you sort of base the title on what you are going to write and today I don’t have much to really talk about except the missing “running” work outs – part of the run and think.

Summer is great, you can run outside no problems. We have a runner stroller which we have used and I have ran a race with it too! But now, we have had a drastic change in the weather.  The first few days of this week have been just a down pour – I don’t necessarily refuse to run in this kind of weather but when it feels really chilly with sort of windchill like factors, I do.  And my kiddo doesn’t really want me to wrap him in a blanket (he kicks it off) I won’t subject him to that cool climate.

I used to have a treadmill in the house which I would use after the kiddo has gone to bed.  But, sometime in the middle of summer during a rainy day, it quit.  I didn’t have to get a new one just yet because of the glorious weather outside.  I have not purchased a new one – and well I should stop back just a tad – this treadmill is OLD, like 10+ years old.  This treadmill has been with me for a long time.  I wanted a treadmill for a long time when I was younger, I was overweight and did watch tv so I could kill “two birds with one stone”, but my dad said he wouldn’t get me one as he didn’t believe I would use it a lot and it would not be a good purchase. My grandpa had just died and he did have this walking treadmill that instead of using electricity for the motor, you moved it with your own power just by walking.  I had to use that for, I can’t remember, 90% of the days of a given month and then and only then he would buy me a treadmill.

And so I did just that!

It wasn’t the best model by any means but it did the job and has for I think 15 years!  But now I get to buy a new one and I”m so happy!  I do have to wait until we get into our new house as I don’t want to move an extremley heavy object twice when we just have to do it once, so I do have to wait. But in the meantime, I’m not getting my traditional cardio workouts in.

I have also been doing some thinkings as I have gained probably 5-10 pounds in the last I swear 4 months.  I have been doing more long distance running – I trained for my first marathon this summer and even my first half at the beginning of the year, and I do think this long distance running is stressing out my body that I am either having a cortisol reaction – my weight is being held in the middle and I swear I have a puffy face all the time and my eatings have been just fine.  I don’t calorie count a lot – I do spot checks to ensure and I”m where I should be 80% of the time (another topic for another day) or I have a thyroid issue.  I have always contemplated I have thyroid issues and I know from a certain blood test I am borderline (more topics for more days) but it is never definitive.  I did have a baby and I know that can throw things out of whack, yes the poor sleeping doesn’t help but still.

Anyways, more rants to come on later days about all of this!


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