Finally Friday

Work weeks that I work 5 days straight are hard.  I know I’m blessed with usually just having to work 4 day-ers, but when I work 5 I get so exhausted.  I know a big part of it is having a 16 months old – last night again was terrible, he is sick so up a lot and just wanting to cuddle.  So many times I woke up and his head was right near mine but he was a radiator of heat.  His temp wasn’t too high, he did get some meds prior to bed – which I just remembered he went to bed at 6 pm! This is a first, I had really no idea what to do with myself.  He was so cranky/sick/asking for bed so I did.  Of course the meds wear off sometime near like 3 am, but I didn’t give him more, his temp wasn’t too high, yes elevated but nothing that the body can’t handle.  

I know that’s probably more of a reasoning for adults rather than kids, but your body does produce a fever for a reason as it is trying to fight off the insulting agent, so I know it is good.  It is not good when it does get way too high and/or the kiddo starts to act out of it too.  Because he wasn’t in too rough of shape, I chose not too.  

So, now, even though he was attempting to sleep, I again had for the fourth night in a row INSOMNIA… Part of me thinks it is a tad bit of the caffeine I have ingested, usually it is limited to one cup in the morning, but Monday I did receive that large instead of a medium, I think maybe Wednesday I did have two cups at work, and then yesterday I went out to lunch with my mom and had a mocha.  So that could really be adding to the insomnia and/or adrenal fatigue… I know I should just go get some blood work but I am too “busy” for that!


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