What a weekend

This is funny to start off, I do not usually work mondays.  I also sort of unplug on the weekends when I am not at work, therefore by logic, I only really do posts when I am at work.  Truly it is awesome being the owner of your own business.  That being said, my work does come first, so sometimes when I start typing (and yes I am a fast typer) I will stop do my work and then come back so sometimes it can take a while and my train of thought gets derailed.

This weekend was interesting in a sense.  I finally got the hubs to add me as a card holding member at Costco.  Now I can go by myself! I love their diaper wipes.  Oh and friday night sleep in regards to kiddo, he didn’t go down as easy, he did wake up at like 10ish but then I swear he did not wake up again until like 5, maybe he did but I am having short term memory problems!

And then I got news that a friend had her baby way too early but is in great care, so on Sunday the kiddo and I went to visit her.  I just can’t imagine being discharged after having the baby but not being able to take the baby home, my heart just dies.  

Yesterday, I finally got to get my hair did! It has been since early January since I got a dye job and well the ombre look was getting to drastic.  I usually go for lots of blonde but this time I kept more of my natural in it and I love it.  I may start going more dark until of course I go grey!  Last night was an interesting night with the kiddo, he went down easy enough but woke up a 10 just screaming, nothing really would console him and so it makes you wonder what is wrong, he would then settle, I would move like an eyebrow and he would start screaming again.  It took like an hour fully for him to get back to sleep, and then again I can’t remember what the night wake ups looked like as I don’t really have a recollect of them… I think the kiddo is peaking in his separation anxiety.  It was fairly good for like 6 weeks, but this weekend if I even just went to the bathroom and CLOSED the door he would scream at me.  I hope this passes quickly but knowing my child, it won’t.

And then of all things, this morning I learned I won a giveaway hosted by Powercakes blog. I seriously hardly win anything so I am so excited for that.  

Lastly (I was about to write “and then” again but really my run-on typing style is poor), I update my miles that I run into daily mile, guess it has been 9 days since I went running.  All I can say to that is “really?” but I never forget to update that.  It has just been a whirlwind kind of 9 days that is for sure.


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