Separation Anxiety

It’s interesting to think of today’s generation with the information station that is the internet versus my grandparents’s generation.  Although I feel there is a lot they don’t tell you about having a kid and a lot is first hand experience, you’d think I would have read all this in the internet…


My kiddo has been experiencing separation anxiety since he was six months old.  He is now 16 months.  So for almost a year now, he has screamed his head off when I have left to go to work.  Today, or the last few days, I swear it has been peaking so to speak – that or something else is off.  I cannot go to the bathroom without him having a tantrum that I am NOT holding him.  My mom laughed the first time I told her that I had to go to the bathroom while holding my child.  She said “Well, duh! You’ll never pee alone again!”  I’m thinking where in the world is this information!  

Today marked the extreme however.  We sat down for breakfast, he didn’t want to go in his high chair.  Fine, you’ll sit on the seat beside me.  No? Okay, you can sit on me.  What? You don’t want this food I prepared? Fine, here’s an avocado. Cue some screaming, avocado all over my pant legs, the nanny arrives, I have to get going to work.  Forget I have avocado smeared on my pant leg.  Text the hubby saying I need a real break from the child that doesn’t involve going to work (even though I do get some down time hence typing up this post here…).  

I know, having kids is hard.  This day in age where happiness and rewards are wanted to be instantaneous (how many times do we check our phones to see if people have liked our facebook posts, tweets, etc).  Having a child is not that type of reward.  There is that one movie which I’m blanking on the name where Chris Rock states “You’ll dislike having a kid, there will be so many moments that you’ll be ripping out your hair, and then there’s this little blip of happy where your child just did this one crazy thing and you smile and feel like this is where it is at, crash to a millisecond later and you are pulling out your hair again”  That isn’t verbatim just what I remembered.  But it is very true.  I’ll be so at my wits end and he does something so heart melting that makes you go on just that much more…


Kids I swear.


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