So many things happening all at one.  Work issues, home issues, house issues, sleep issues, you name it, I have it kind of issues.

I can’t even really read the calendar correct but it does not appear to be a full moon this week, potentially next week.  How on earth are those little circles misleading me right? I do fully believe sometimes you get the weirdos out to play when it is a full moon.  

I haven’t run in 12 days.  12 DAYS.  Not that I am counting but I do think it helps me deal with some of my stresses.  My treadmill is broken so I can’t run after the baby goes to sleep.  I had been running over my lunch hour – I love going home at lunch to eat/de-compress a tad from work (the joys of living in a small town) – but with the baby and his heightened separation anxiety and my also want/need to lessen the nursing that happens, I haven’t been going home but running instead.  Due to all these stressors, I have not had the time. Add to that too, we are definitely into fall here.  Average temp 8 degrees and I’m sure there is windchill.  I live in Canada so that isn’t into the freezing yet.

I know I just have to breath and all this will pass soon I hope, but I’m losing my mind during it.


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