Finally Friday – 2

I think there is a reason why I can never really work Saturdays.  I have in the past, but it never makes me feel like I get my weekend in there.  Even when I had a Sunday and Monday off, it just didn’t have that same appeal to it.  I am most likely a student at heart and forever will be, but something about that Friday can de-stress you just a tad.  This weekend too, it is Canadian Thanksgiving so I get a few days extra off.  We are in the process of sort of gathering up stuff to move, so that is on the docket this weekend.  Moving stuff into this trailer so that we can move it into the new house when we get acquisition.  Man, I spelled that on the first try!  We could get the house in a week, or two, but it is soon, so that is adding stress to myself.  What can I say I am a stressful person.

Still no running work outs to add which sucks for me, I have been doing Tina’s best body bootcamp and i have been loving that. I can really get to the gym at all (i have a different than most living situation) as I don’t have a babysitter past the time I get home, so her bootcamp is getting me back into the strength.  I haven’t done that since I was 37 weeks pregnant.  I have done running races since then (probably like 6 or so) but the lack of strength work out makes me stress (there it is again) about injuries.  I do strongly believe you do need to cross train yourself – 1) it can make you a faster runner if you let it and 2) allows you to work the opposite muscle to help not injure your body.  I was lucky this go around but I cannot trust my luck for the future.  I do know I probably will enter her bootcamp again as it does give me some accountability (well a lot) and left to my own devices I don’t really do well completing strength work out with out a given plan.  Hence why I haven’t done much training so far.  I would go lay on my back and try to do abs – which was my AB-solute favorite prior to giving birth – and do like 5 and call it a day.  Because of running I do have some ab muscles (well in a sense that I can hold things together) but not the definition like I had before.  I do think i had a diastis recti, but there isn’t much we can do in the short term about it especially if we are thinking of having another baby as the muscle will just get stretched again.


Anyhoo – thank goodness it is Friday. Have a great weekend.


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