I know, I know, it is Wednesday.  But I had a long long weekend, so I’ve been ‘busy’.  Well not really.  It was a slow paced weekend.  The boy is still “cry for mommy” all day long, always makes you think – now is there something else wrong? Ears? More teeth? Are you sick? But he still seems very healthy.

On Saturday, I had my sisters come out as our parents were away and we had a great time together.  I love being with family.  More so my side – I know that is bad and biased – but I just love my sisters.  I was in a foul mood almost all weekend except when my sisters were around…

Sunday, I got to go to a clothing store and spend some gift cards I received for my birthday.  Even though I can afford getting new and ‘nice’ clothes (ie better quality).  I don’t, I just don’t spend a lot of money on myself.  This was the first time in a long time that I didn’t look at price, I went through the store grabbed everything that I thought I would want to try on regardless of where it was in the store, and I did not pick out anything that remotely were my ‘go-to’ items.  I didn’t even use all my gift cards as there was an additional 30% off everything! I was very thrilled.

But getting back to the sleep issue of the baby, like I said he has been extra clingy, we start out the evening in his crib and then he joins us in bed after the first wake up, he has (over the course of the weekend) been doing that within about an hour after going down, which is not going to fly – I need just a bit extra time to get stuff done around the house.  So I did decide to do a little cry it out and man it is always so awful hearing them cry, his sobs got hysterical and so I just couldn’t pursue it, but then of course that back fires and he was up SO MANY TIMES over the night.  He did the same thing monday night, but tuesday night although he woke up fairly I swear he didn’t wake up again until like 5, he may have woke up around 1:30 but I can’t remember if that was just me at that time.  I felt well rested today I tell yah.

I’m going through another internal struggle as I really feel i am done breast feeding, we have been successful at this for 16 months and I feel my time is done.  However, the kiddo, I know does not have the same feeling.  On the weekends, we can nurse anywhere between 8-10 times throughout the day.  That, to me, is newborn levels.  Most people would be at like once or twice at this stage, but not this guy, he loves the boob.  I’m tormented (if you can say that) as I would want him to self wean, but I feel at this stage he won’t, but I’m so done and I”m so done night feeding too.  I know I will have to do some modified sleep training to get what I want and it will be hard and lots of cries, I just hope I have a strong enough back bone to complete it.  


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