The Stressful Mountain

I am glad this is such a short week. I need this week to be over asap! The kiddo is teething again – that was what it was – the canines are now showing up… Everytime he teeths, he wakes up way more than usual. Luckily we do still nurse (not sure if this is my saving grace or not) so he goes back to sleep very fast but I can’t even count how many times we were up yesterday.  Like I said, I don’t know if this is my saving grace, as he doesn’t really seem to be in pain, he rarely fevers, yes he is a fussy mess but I could certainly give him hugs instead of nurse half the night.

There are more stressors too, we are moving fairly soon and well, we won’t have a fridge right away because hubby wanted to go through a certain establishment instead of the one I want.  He wants this couch that I don’t want, and we don’t have a lot of people to help us as a lot of family is away.  

Still having done any running, which I don’t even know if we can move my NEW treadmill into the new house yet either as it is like 300 pds and the hubby can’t do it by himself.  WHich I do understand that.


Anyways, got to go.


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