Finally Friday 3

What a week.  And really how can I be so exhausted when i only worked three days this week? Well I know why 1) the kiddo 2) too many stressors to count.

Hopefully one less stressor will bow out of the picture and it is we finally signed the papers for our new house. Now this is awesome although we can’t really move in as we won’t have a fridge or an oven, and well, I need those to cook and store the food. Sure it is getting cold out there and so technically I can use outside as my fridge but we don’t have a deck attached and that is one high drop from the back of the house…

The kiddo did do a little 5 hours stretch last night which was nice, but when he did wake up he nursed for I think an hour.  So I got upset, said a not nice thing, and he continued to nurse and then when he finally pulled off to go back to sleep he, of course, had to say “mama, mama” in his cute little voice.  I understand why I get upset, I want my sleep, but man that is the nicest thing ever.  I know he loves his mama right now.  He won’t let me go all day!

At least I get another three day weekend this weekend and hopefully it turns to be relaxful.


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