A First

During the night, probably like everyone, you come up with some ideas of what to write about the next day.  Last night was like that except I didn’t write down those thoughts.  I thought I would have a good memory and remember what I was going to write about – but nope, those thoughts vanished into thin air! 

My mom would like to say that that is my mom brain.  Some thoughts will just “poof” go away.  For the most part, I swear I have a good memory! 

The first for this post would be to include a picture.  I’m still wary of posting of picture of myself on this site just yet, I know it will come, but I was going to share a picture of what I baked last night.  I baked some healthy-ish muffins.  What I wanted to cook was some pumpkin muffins so that we could have pumpkin pancakes this morning for breakfast but we were out of canned pumpkin.  Yes, we did have a full actual pumpkin sitting on the floor but that is to make a jack-o-lantern, and let’s be honest way too much work to make creamed pumpkin if you ask me.  When I found out that we had no pumpkin and I wasn’t going to go out and get some after I came home from work I had to switch my baking.  When I bake, I do like to make things just slightly healthier – you can’t always and that is fine, but I made these pretty healthy.  My sister had made a bazillion apple pies last weekend and one batch of the ‘innerds’ did not work out, they were way too soft, so it turned into applesauce.   I had added a lot of this applesauce to my muffn mix along with some oatmeal, banana, shredded carrots, raisins. And voila! Carrot muffins!  When I bake, I like to make things that I feel okay giving my kiddo.  So not too much sugar – which worked well with me as when I also looked into the pantry we had some brown sugar but it was, well, hard as a rock. I could only get some of the crumbs of it into the mix.  I did put a little maple syrup in it.


What I am also finding with my baking style is yes I always have to have a recipe.  Always, I need it as reassurance that the recipe is going to work out.  But now, I am starting to freestyle a tad as 1) we have no measure sticks in my current house except the “1 C” measure so I just eye it out.  It has been working so far. I am also feeling free to swap in different ingredients to suit my tastes.

I should start putting up more photos of my baking as my hubby laughs at my cookies.  They almost never cook flat.  They stay how I create the balls.  Too many substitutions maybe? Oh well, they still taste great…



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