The weekend

The weekend always goes by too quickly. We did a lot this weekend so it was fair that it went by too fast.

Every Saturday, I have begun doing pancake breakfast. It’s a nice change up from the weekday and I want to start some traditions with the kiddo. I make a cottage cheese pancake that i found from the whole foods website. Don’t they look good? I can’t wait until Saturday again!


It is also getting colder and colder outside. I don’t think it broke over zero the entire weekend.  Boo that! At least we got to see some mama cat and her babies hangout in front of the kitchen sink.


Not too sure how this is going to format from my phone, always first time for everything.

We also did a lot if driving this weekend as we headed to a cousin’s baby shower in the city, and we got a new dish set that was 50% off!! And we went to Costco multiple times. So I saw a lot of this:


Looks warmer than it is because of that Sun, but it is deceiving!

The kiddo was not cooperating a lot this weekend with sleep, the naps were poor and sleep was crazy up like 5 or 6 times and so I’ll probably be talking about that a lot this week as something has to change.  It is amazing how much a hubby and wife can fight due to lack of sleep and a crying baby! But right now, the kiddo did go to sleep so I have to get in the shower and get prepared for tomorrow or otherwise I won’t be able too! (As the kiddo will wake up and want to come into the bed)


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