It is teething

So, last night, not so bad.  He had a great supper, snacks, you name it, we played like little kids.  I felt around in his mouth and that %*&^ incisor has still not yet broken through but you can feel it, and he had some rosy cheeks too.  Unfortunately, it is just one incisor the other areas don’t have any coming through.  Because of the rosy cheeks, I decided to give him some advil (advil apparently lasts longer) right before bed.

He went down around 7:45, I went to bed around 9, I heard a cry around 9:45? But I waited and it was just one cry, he went back to sleep, and then awoke around 12 for some cries.  So he came into our bed at that time, and because I was so tired myself, I don’t really remember a lot but just remember he wanted to nurse (and probably did) until like 3:30.  I finally looked at the clock at 3:30 and said that is it, I know you have been on the boob for a very long time, so I unlatched him, laid on my back, crossed my arms around the “sweet” spot.  Kiddo wasn’t too impressed, but he didn’t bicker for as long as I thought.  He didn’t sit up either (bonus), but kept on trying to move my arms away from my chest.  I would say maybe 3-5 minutes of bickering and then it sounded like he was asleep.  Then maybe 3 minutes after that, he complained again and I don’t remember if I had said anything or even responded – I acted a little bit asleep.  And he went back to sleep after like maybe another minute.  So not that bad! He then slept until 6:30 – which was unfortunate as my alarm goes off at 6:40, but still a little more success and there wasn’t a lot of crying involved.

It did tell me a bit that it is the teeth adding to the wake ups, so hopefully it is ending soon.  I will have to try and repeat what happened last night again tonight.  I don’t like to use a lot of pain medication or medications in general so if he does have the rosy cheeks again I may use some Advil, but if not I may tempt fate and not use it.  Can’t get any worse really.  


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