Where’s the run part?

I’ve obviously been doing a lot of thinking around this area.  And no, last night was not a repeat of the previous in regards to sleep.  He woke up after about 2 hours of sleeping on his own.  I don’t feel like it was a lot of wake ups compared to previously, but at least when I unlatched him he just rolled over and continued on in sleeping so I am counting that as a minor success.  Still I do have higher hopes in that I want to get more sleep…

So, where is the running or the ‘active’ part of this? It hasn’t happened in over a month.  Due to initally colder weather and that makes it harder to do stroller runs with the kiddo after work when he refuses to have a blanket over his legs, and then a broken treadmill at home (cannot run when he goes to bed), and now we have half-ly moved and I do have a brand spanken new treadmill just sitting in that basement waiting to be used.  But why not?  We do not have a fridge yet and I do refuse to move in without one (yes first world problems).  I know we could do it but I do not want to live from take out food for anywhere between 1-3 weeks.  We could have been in the house already for about 2, and to me that is unacceptable.  We probably will be out another week I’m assuming at least.  I will get there it will be okay.

But, I have started to look a little harder at myself as my pants are getting tight, I don’t like to calorie count as it feels restrictive when you feel so hungry, but when you compare that my exertion output is not nearly close to where it was when I was running, I did do some spot checks with my eating and I am eating anywhere between 500-1000 more calories than what I would typically need.  I do eat a lot when I’m bored (they call that emotionally eating) and one would say, how am I bored? I get like no time to myself, but you just find yourself shoving stuff into your mouth at the end of the work day.  I’m pretty good at work, it keeps me on my feet so I just go go go, but when I get home, I do cook a really good supper, but that seems to never be enough. It’s something that I will work on for sure.  

I’m also a little tired (no, really?) so my motivation is a lot lower than what it usually is.  Before the coldness hit and I had lunch time appointments galore, I would do a lot of my runs over the lunch hour.  I get between 60-90 minutes off at lunch depending, and that gives you a lot of time, and a lot of time for my sweat to stop dripping.  So I have contemplating leaving at lunch to use the treadmill.  I was “this” close today, but my afternoon slump hit earlier than usual.

Oh well, soon enough.


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