Our Sleep Training Experience – Part 1

To begin with, I tried to publish post on a timer so that I wouldn’t do it, but I, ah, didn’t do that right! At least it’s just me who it bothers!!


Last night was a magical night.  I had nursed the kiddo, put him in his bed, he gave me smiles, asked for his blanket, which I put on him, and then said “Good Night” and walked out of the room, closed the door.  I was expecting some cries, a word of upset, but not a darn one.  From the monitor, he rolled a few times, and within about ten minutes he was asleep.

Wow, I couldn’t believe that just happened.

Let’s rewind several months.

At 4 months, there is a big sleep regression, it’s very renouned, he wasn’t the best sleeper prior, the longest stretch I had were a few 5 hour stretches. Not too bad, I didn’t mind.  But at 4 months, it was up to every two hours.

Photos are not at correct age

Photos are not at correct age

By 6 months, this did not get better it got worse, like every 45 minutes to an hour, this is where our co-sleeping began.  I had begged and begged the hubby to begin some sleep training as I had to work and going to work on extremely broken sleep was affecting me big time.  I remember having a cry in front of a client because she was being difficult.  I don’t know if she will be back, and if she is I hope it is when I do not have another little child.  Hubby said no, he is too young, he wanted to get kiddo looked at by a pediatrician before we started.  So, grumbily tired I said ok.

By 7.5 months (it takes a while in our community for some referrals for a very healthy baby), we had our appointment, she said it was okay, hubby was not there so did not believe it.  So we continued on doing what we were doing.

By 9 months, hubby said alright lets take him to the ER so we can be seen by one of those specialists to ensure he is okay and then we can sleep train.  I said alright, but this visit bugged me sooo much.  1) I felt it was a complete waste of our healthcare system, and 2) the doc treated me like I was some sort of low grade mentality, I am in the health profession myself so I do know quite a bit, 3) the hubby loved this doc and fed on her every word [there may have been few insults thrown from me to hubby that he felt she was an attractive big city doc so of course her advice trumps my small town doc – – even though it was the same… plus I knew this big city doc did not have her own child, so her advice was textbook.  That night we did try, he cried for 90 minutes (with checks) and then sat there for 60 minutes, I finally went in to see what was going on, which stressed him out, he had to poop his diaper.  We repeated this the next night and he had pooped with in 45 minutes.  I believe I quit the third night, neither kiddo nor myself was ready.


At about 11 months, from the doc at the ER, they had referred us to a big city pediatrician.  This doc had given me a name to a book I had never heard about before – the Sleep Lady Shuffle. It had a similar outlook to sleep training like I did.  Because we have co-slept, you are breaking quite a few associations of sleep, doing the cold turkey to me is very harsh.  That night we had started this type of sleep training, my main emphasis was to get him into his own bed for the first part of the night and then I would bring him back to bed after a few wake ups.  The first night, I was by his bed telling him it was okay for about an hour, the second night 45 minutes, the third? 5 minutes of fuss and then down for about 4 hours. No poops, this was success.  I was very fine with this, we still co-slept, I got some time to myself after he went to bed to get things ready for the next day, have maybe 30 minutes to myself.  The hubby still wanted him out of our bed 100% but I said we will work on it.

To be continued…


Giveaway Gripes

I know on a day of Thanks for the States I shouldn’t really be dishing out some gripes, but as I was working this thought popped into my head and I can’t get it out.  Giveaways are great, they are, I understand their nature and what they do for those blogs and I, of course very heartily, enter them!  My luck is poor for most contests.  I have literally won zero of those that I have entered, except this one a few months ago. Maybe just a month, I have no idea, but that day when the post came up announcing the winners and I saw my comment being one of them I was soooo thrilled.  I emailed the blogger with my details and even said I was so excited I should buy a lottery ticket as I never win anything! There was an email back saying that they will let me know when they mail it out, but since then there has been email silence… I don’t know if I should bug them or not.  I think I will after the big T (aka Thanksgiving).

And then I had entered another one a few weeks back, and I do keep going back to their website to see if they have announced the winners, and not a word, not a mention of anything towards this giveaway.  And then of course now I doubt myself if I was even going back to the right blog to check! I have gone backwards through their posts and yes it was the correct one.  Guess I need to write a comment mentioning the giveaway.

I mean this really defines the “first world problems” like I have nothing else better to do but to complain about giveaways, when they are announced, and when I should receive my prize if I should win! I have so much other things to busy myself with, why in the world would I busy myself with that! I have no idea.

See once again, the strange thoughts that pop into my head at any given moment of any given day!


Oh no, not the wonderful place in Hawaii, Kona Kase.  One of the only prepared boxes of schtuff I can find that delivers to Canada.  I stumbled upon this perusing one of my multiple blogs sites.  (Side note: I pronounce them bee-logs instead of the normal blogs).  I jumped on it right away as I live in a smaller-ish city that doesn’t have a lot of cool stuff.

When I first signed on, it took quite a while for my first ‘kase’ to come in.  From their website, they prepare them to get sent out mid month.  I started to get worried when it was the beginning of the next month that I still hadn’t received my first case.  Sometimes with customs, mail, everything, getting mail up here can get delayed.  I waited an appropriate amount of time and then of course emailed the company.  They were very fast in their response and I had received the box roughly a week later.  I really enjoy this box, it may seem small, but what you get in it is great.  I have had I think three or four of them now and always enjoy getting them. I receive it at work (which if you are mailing anything out to yourself, you should get it mailed to your place of work it really brightens up your day!) and immediately open and then place the items in order of which I want to try them out.

This was the latest one I had received:



I ate the paleo cookie, very tasty and I should have kept the wrapper to see if I could recreate it! It had like 4 ingredients.  And I also tried the Chia bar, which was also good but the seeds got all stuck in my teeth.  I try to limit myself to one a day – as much as I don’t want to be watching my calorie intake, the big mazamabar has a whopping 410 calories in it, which for some that is all that you need for a meal.  I have a tendency to just mindlessly snack throughout the day so I do have to be a bit mindful of what I do.   I will continue to have a membership with this brand for a while until I find that the items are not worth my liking anymore.



I know not a lot people read this.  It is a fact as I don’t really share the url around when I comment on other blogs – I’m getting more brave and will start doing this more and more, but until then I know it is literally just me and my thoughts.  I put up a photo yesterday talking about pancake saturdays.  When I went home yesterday, a thought popped into my head “Jade, that wasn’t a photo of pancakes, it was a photo of what you baked!”  See, does this look like pancakes to you?


No? I didn’t think so either.  It was a banana bread combination.  I had read a really good looking dish of maple flavored banana bread on Friday and I knew we had ripe bananas so I was going to make it.  I did add maple syrup (the recipe called for maple flavor not syrup – I didn’t have any on hand), apple sauce (which I didn’t have either but I did have a really ripe avocado), and since I didn’t really write down the recipe and couldn’t find it on the internet when I got home, I threw a lot of stuff into that dish.  It turned out surprisingly moist and tasty! Had to be the avocado right? I should have let it cook like 5 minutes more, but I did pretty good just throwing stuff into the mixing pot!

Food thinking consummates a greater portion of my day unless I am very busy at work.  I think about breakfast, what to have for lunch, and then what to make for supper.  It gets pretty “full” in my head.  Even when I am eating I am thinking about what will be next and when I get to eat it.  I’m pretty obsessed.  Like a lot of people, I do have my issues with food, with what will be good for me, healthy enough for me, help me work on this spare tire kind of way.  Now I’m not that overweight.  I know it. But I am over my happy weight by quite a bit.  I had to gain about 10 pounds to get pregnant with my first, I only gained around 25 pounds, and then from the first week post partum I have hovered at the exact same weight give or take 2-3 pounds, which is still 10 pounds above my “conception” weight, so roughly 20 pounds more than I want. I know I am still nursing so I do believe to a certain extent I have some fat stores staying, but I do also know that I have been over eating for my activity level.  Even in the heat of my marathon/running training I was eating a little too much too (in hindsight) and so it wasn’t a fat loss burner for me either, in fact it was stressing out my body and I could see the swollen-ness of my face!  I don’t necessarily need to get back to my ultimate happy state, but I would love to get down to at least the conception weight.

I do feel that I need to tame my sugar tongue and with that the grain beast too (with my readings about a paleo vs primal health stuff I am getting very anti-grain).  I feel if I can get those under better control the other factors will follow suit.  I just need to get on boat and stay on the boat!


I’m having a mind block tongue stumbling kind of a morning.  I do have to work today, which doesn’t help, and I am tired (that is my understatement of the century as I am always tired these days) so I have noticed that when I am saying things at work, they just aren’t flowing off my tongue like they normally do!


The weekend started off like any other weekend, I made some pancakes! 



The pan/burner combo was a tad better but really not really, I had to use butter every single time I put a new pancake on, they took forever to cook and they always stuck to the pan before you flipped to the other side. BOO!!! I was so frustrated! All that starting at like 6:30 in the morning.  The very last pancake was the only one that worked like they normally do.  I really like our pans, don’t get me wrong, they are all stainless steel so no teflon coating to ingest but man, they make making pancakes difficult!

Saturday was our office Christmas party and it was really good! The food didn’t sit well with me and so I was in a lot of discomfort during the comedian portion – he was on fire! He was sooo sooo funny, he even talked about how awful our local drivers are.  One of his jokes was “So red lights usually mean stop, right? Not here, they mean “and two more”” it was very funny! I wish I could remember more of his jokes as they had me laughing the entire time.  My bedtime is like 9 pm so I was getting pretty tired, so when the band came on following the comedian, i tried my best to stay for more of their sets but I just couldn’t.  I needed to go to sleep.

Sunday we went over to my parent’s for a small Grey Cup party (the canadian equivalent to the superbowl).  This today, the kiddo decided he didn’t want to nap for me, so towards the end of the evening, everyone was working him up so he was running here and there and it was awful trying to contain him to put on his winter jacket!  All of that, plus no nap, meant a terrible evening, he was up every two hours for sure.  We have been sticking hard to the sleep training and I normally don’t go to him until 4:30 in the morning now, but he was wailing hard core at 12:30 this morning that I did end up going to him.  With all the other nights, if he did wake up he would complain for maybe a minute then go back down, this was like 5 or more or serious crying.  

Tonight should be better right?  I hope so, although at work today all I can think about it my bangs.  I cut them shorter I think way back in like April – I can’t even remember it’s been that long.  Of course, hair grows, and I am growing them out as they were in that stage of “Too short to put behind ear, but too long to look like bang bangs” for a while.  There is this one piece that WILL NOT go behind my ear and it gets greasy as I try to force tuck it behind my ear! I don’t have any bobby pins here or else it would get tacked up that way!

Getting a hair cut really won’t solve this problem now will it!

Five on Friday #2

I’m so happy it is the weekend, sure sure I only worked 4 days this week, but still it has been frantic and fast!

1) You can’t baby proof everything –>


2) Although we haven’t been on THREE severe snow warnings this week, I still have shovelled the driveway way too many times this week


3) My new nightly ritual is going on the treadmill for a single episode of “Pretty Little Liars” so far so good



Now that is a bad photo – it’s pretty dark in our basement so the flash really bleached things out.  I did 4.5 miles last night.

4) Selfies are hard… now I will never say anything about other selfies ever again.  I think I will put a max of three shots (what I did yesterday) and then pick the best of the three. We are all just a little vain aren’t we!


5) Staff Christmas party this weekend.  Who likes to drink with their boss in tow? I’m the boss so we shall see!

I feel frantic

So I am still continuing the last few days of my life…

Since moving into the new house, we also finally got to open up a pot and pan set that was gifted to us at our wedding.  It is a very nice stainless steel set.  Saturday morning, typical pancake Saturday. And I cannot seem to not burn the bottoms of these pans.  Insert photo –>


I’m not a stellar photographer but that is burnt butter around the edges.  I’ve never had to ever scrub dishes clean like I have these last few days.  And I swear, the burner is on low too… I’ll figure it out.

Alright, alright, spring into getting back into the work week.  I’ve been trying to integrate a few things that I learned from the conference into my business, a lot of them a fairly easy, one of them is trying to get a better deal for our phone bill, which is atrocious anyways but seeing where we can ‘bundle’ things along.  I spent 40 minutes on hold with the phone vendor to be sort of brushed off at the end.  We aren’t that big of a company but I guess with the type of phone stuff we have had we had to be connected to this person then to that person then to this person, then when I finally got a name of our account manager, this lady was very short with me telling me not to worry about reading that “Your rate is going up come Dec 1” doesn’t mean anything, your rate isn’t moving (but it is) and you can email this person, goodbye, click.  I did, I did! hear the phone click, she didn’t even wait for me to say goodbye.  I wasn’t going to ‘lash out’ on her, but I like to say goodbye at least even if I wasn’t handled 100% the way I thought I should be.

Ah well, lessons in business some how.  Probably lessons in how to keep your cool as I don’t want clients to get mad at me for certain things.  There has to be some karma in there somewhere right?

Things did get to slow down last night, I had my family over for some Chinese food.  My dad got the food from an establishment that we haven’t had food from there since, I swear, my grade 12 year.  I’m now 30 so that’s a very long time.  We ate, cleaned up, sent the kiddo to bed – he didn’t really get sent we did our normal bedtime routine, and then just hung out with the hubby for a little bit before calling it a night at 8:55.  Yep, that is not a typo, I am and for ever will be a person who goes to bed early.

I’m trying to get in the habit of taking more photos of the day to day activities, hopefully soon I will get better at that.