It is now officially winter

On Friday, it was like any other fall day. Cool and crisp. Woke up Saturday to a few big snowfall warnings but we never get what they predict. We put on our snow tires. And waited.

Woke up Sunday and boom:


It is now average -15 and no body can drive once again!! How crazy one night can make it.

Due to the weather, there wasn’t a lot to do but sit and wait. I also wanted to try one more run outside on Saturday before the snow hit. But it wasn’t meant to be.  I really don’t like to run in the snow!! So treadmill it will be for the next six months.

I wanted to run over my lunch hour but I had to spend a good 40 minutes shovelling the driveway and I’m only 1/3 done. I think my back will be sore tomorrow and I have to go back to do more.


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