It was ‘popping’ into my head a few times last night this morning (as I had insomnia from 3:55-5:xx) about how I am breaking out in weird areas that I haven’t since I was a teenager.  I’m getting the typical around my chin, my left cheek has been crazy, the right not so bad at all, and my shoulders and back.  I do know a lot of my breakouts are hormone related, that is what sucks about being a lady sometimes, I do also know probably a lot of diet issues intertwine with pimples a well.  I knew last night as well as there are on the internet “breakout areas” so when I got to work this morning I immediately googled this.  The first website was laughable.  Every area had a zillion things to do to correct them and then god forbid if you have different zones as some had contradicting things to do… but then I found the website that I was looking for in the first place.




For the Face, I break out in areas 10, 11, 12, and 13.

Area 10 is respiratory.  This I have no idea, I have never had troubles breathing or any ailments like that.  I am right handed so I use my cell phone on my right side (no pimples there) and I sleep usually on my right side too, so that is not the case.  It also says to limit alkaline foods which is caffeine.  I love my coffee, I just can’t do that.

Area 11/12 is hormones.  Yep, nailed that one.  I also thought it was intriguing to know which side you ovulated on due to the side you broke out on, who knows if that is accurate or not (not sure if this is a ‘reputable’ site!).  I also have a suspicion that our food as well has more hormones in it so even if we get our own hormones under control, we might not be able to fully control it as there is hormones in our food. It also says to get adequate sleep – well I will try but the kiddo has no promises there.

Area 13 is Stomach.  This makes some sense to me as lately I have been having stomach pain.  I rarely drink and a few weeks ago I had a rum and coke, it BURNED my stomach, like ouch ouch. When you google “stomach burn with alcohol” you get “check for Hodgkins Lymphoma” but it is very rare that that symptom shows up. And then on Monday, hubby and I ate at this quick dine in restaurant where I had some seriously cooked in heavy oil almost deep fried potatoes, which I don’t normally eat and I was in pain until it was digested.  


For the body, I break out in zones 2, 3, and 11

Zones 2 & 3 are stress.   It is without a doubt I am stressed right now, so many personal and professional stressors right now.  I’m a hold it in kind of person and I don’t deal with it correctly, and it’s just so hard for me to decompress! I can have like a minimal moment or two where I can feel calm but usually not.

Zone 11 is, once again, digestive.  I do have a doctor’s appointment scheduled in the somewhat near future.  Initially it was to check out my hormones as I find myself more cranky than normal plus all these pimples, but now looking at this and having those stomach pains, I will get the doc to look at the stomach more closely.  Just to make sure it isn’t like an ulcer, which I wouldn’t be shocked if it was, but the pains don’t come around a lot.

Well that was wordy! This lunch hour I really wanted to go and run, but it looks like I will have to continue doing the last two thirds of my driveway!  Boo that.


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