I have a black eye…

It’s of course a ‘funny story’.  I was sleeping one night last week, Thursday night to be exact, the kiddo was moving around like always, he lifted himself up just a tad and head bunted the poop out of me.  It hurt very bad, but if it hurt me that bad you know it hurt him very bad too, so i couldn’t even take a moment for myself to scream out in the pain as I had to tend to him.  That little bugger!

The next few days weren’t bad, the eye was a tad swollen but no colors or anything.  Fast forward to a few days ago, I was putting on my makeup and I had thought it was the darker color got put in the wrong area, didn’t think much of it.  Then yesterday, the color is much more noticeable.

I’ll show you two photos.



I”m nearsighted so without my glasses couldn’t really see what I was doing.  But I thought I had taken a fairly clear picture of it with help of the mirror, but no, blurry!


Yep, pretty colors!!


I did also, side note, get to run 2 miles yesterday.  That’s all I had time for but that is still something!


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