Five on Friday

I’m going to switch it up to the five on friday vs. finally friday.  Then I don’t have to necessarily think too hard on what to type except put on a numbered list!

1) I’m excited for the weekend as will be finally able to fully move into our new house.  The fridge has arrived! I refuse to live in a house without a fridge as then you would have to eat out each meal and with a almost 17 month old that isn’t possible, plus where would I keep his milk during the day? Hubby said the garage (since it is that cold here) but I’m like you don’t know how much effort that would be during supper time going up/down/up/down to get all the requirements to make supper.

2) Also excited to go to new house so that I can use the treadmill!  I’ve used it twice over my lunch hour and that baby is so quiet! I made sure we got a high CHP thing and it is great.  With the time change, the kiddo goes to bed a little earlier, sure wakes up a little earlier, but is giving me much more free time before I need to go to bed, so I can get some work outs in! But of course since I put this out there I have jinxed it and he will go back to his usual schedule!

3) I did some baking yesterday, it, to me, was a little flop, I’ll still eat them as they have some goodness to it (they were pumpkin snickerdoodles) but really I didn’t taste the snickerdoodle part to it.

4) It snowed again, I know it is winter so I shouldn’t complain, this is where I chose to live.  But when you have to shovel the driveway of a house you aren’t in yet it seems more ridiculous!

5) I’m also a little excited for next week.  I have a conference in the city and it will be my first two nights away from the kiddo since he was born.  I don’t know how I will do it, how he will do it, or if I’ll even sleep through the night, but it’s got to happen at some point right? I’ve heard from multiple of my friends that once you take the first night away you are like “How come I never did this sooner!”.  Well in our case it is because he isn’t sleeping through the night and he requires only me to tend to him because I’ve been doing it since day 1, which in a sense is my fault, but I love my kiddo so that’s alright 😉


Enjoy the weekend whoever maybe reading this!


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