Lemon’s Law

We had a relatively great weekend.  It was filled with moving, crying, sleeping, eating, you name it, we probably did it!

It started just like any other Saturday – PANCAKES!!



These were sooooo good.  Better than my regular cottage cheese pancakes.  They were more crepe like and just so good.  I think the kiddo even liked them much better too 😉



I think he also likes our pancake mornings!


Then onto the afternoon, I was staying at my sister’s and we had an unused pumpkin – we didn’t carve it – so we tried to do a pumpkin risotto recipe that my mom always does that is delicious.  We had no recipe [I should say my sister more so as I didn’t have a hand in this] and so just threw stuff in there, threw it into the oven and let it cook.  This weekend just had this aura or something over it, nothing seemed to go exactly as it should.  This pumpkin thing should have been a big flag.  When my sister first put it in, the stem started on fire and then the top/lid of it fell into the pumpkin, fine whatever.  She had to go teach a class and told me to check on it and take it out when I thought it was ready.  Cue two or so hours later…




Sister didn’t put the pumpkin on anything, just the rack, and so when I took it out, the pumpkin was soft… so when I pulled it out, the botttom stuck and whoosh.  Everything everywhere.  Luckily the kiddo is starting to understand a lot of things, I yelled “Go back to the other room, stay away” and he listened until I could get things into better control.  Man, this photo just doesn’t do justice, the liquid when everywhere, into the bottom drawer every.single.pan there had stuff on it.  I think it ended into the organics bins for trash I don’t think anyone ate any of it.  

This is already pretty long, so maybe I will get to the Lemon’s law tomorrow.  It has to do with our moving situation.  So come back tomorrow if you want to hear about it!


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