Lemons law #2

So I didn’t even tackle this yesterday, but just a quick update of how I get to spend my lunch hour: sitting waiting to get blood work and blow in a bag. There is 4 people I believe in front of me and somehow that translates into a 50 minute wait time, and its not “noon”.

Anyways, lemons law. I believe if I am using the term correctly, when you buy a new car, sometimes that car haw too much wrong with it and you can return it. Well that is sort of our house.

1) waited on fridge to be delivered for 3.5 weeks
2) dishwasher got delivered with a dent in the front
3) convention oven fan does not work
4) water heater flame will not stay lit, therefore no hot water, not good when you do cloth diapers and well need to clean yourself
5) people who delivered the washing machine broke the top stair
6) person who “helped” install washing machine didn’t do his job, he just connected the water lines.
7) I think that is it but il sure we will find others

Now I’m still waiting to go, now it has been 30 minutes so hopefully anytime soon…


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