Now that’s what I call sleep

Quick check in as I am in the city for a small conference which means I have had TWO nights away from the kiddo. The conference has been very interesting and I am glad I went to it. My sleep has been fairly ok. Both nights I have woken up once. The first night I did decide to pump when I awoke, but then thought that last night I won’t as my output has been peanuts. I was discussing with the hubby that it wouldn’t be a shocker if the kiddo decided to wean in these few days. Part of me doesn’t want that but I am also done nursing so why am I so conflicted!!! Even when I saw that my output was low I felt quite sad even though I am not his main source of nutrition. And hubby can’t say I’m giving him too much milk because really even in a 24 hr period the kiddo is maybe getting 10 oz if that, and that’s what, actually I don’t know how many cups that is but I bet it is just over one. 8 oz is coming up in ny brain for a cup now, so I’m just on my phone and can’t toggle to another window to double check.

Ah well, got to get going to my conference! I had homework for it and I didnt do it, so I will when I get there. 🙂

Also I did decide that right now two nights away for me is too much. Just the one was perfect now I miss kiddo a ton.


2 thoughts on “Now that’s what I call sleep

    • I know right? You need to get away to have some sort of resemblance to your previous life but then you feel guilty as now that isn’t your life any more! And it is true, Daddy’s do get a little more time away and don’t get as much guilt. I did enjoy but felt that two days away was a little too much for me just yet — I’m sure that will change! Thanks for stopping by.

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