Playing Catch Up

I feel like my mind is still on last week.  Which could be a good thing depending how you think about it.  I guess I’ll go an recap the last few days here.

Wednesday night I had plans to drive out to the city after I put the little one to bed.  However, the weather plans had a different plan and decided to RAIN in our minus weather, so I left shortly after work.  This was a bit hard in a sense as it was the first night going away from the kiddo and we have been working on night time sleep so I had no idea how he would go down.  We still do nurse right before bed (he’s not 100% asleep, he also asks to nurse). Anyways, I hightailed it out of there.  I got to have supper with my friend which was very nice to actually socialize, and then I passed out around, hmm, 9:30.  I woke up the first night around 2:30 and i did pump as I felt a little full.  And then woke up again for the day at like 6:30, I pumped again at that time too.  

I have not pumped since the kiddo was 9 months old, I wasn’t getting much output at work anyways, and was down to one pump/day so I stopped doing them.  My supply was never really an issue for the “after work/weekend” nursing.  I didn’t know, with the first trip away, how much I should pump, I figured I could get away with twice a day, so when I woke up the first night, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to do that session.  Once I saw how pitiful my output was from pumping twice (I think it was a total of like 5 oz), I knew that I could sleep through the second night and not pump. 

The Thursday conference was great, it went fast, I learned a lot, went shopping, ate some food, pumped around 6:30ish.  I noticed though that I wasn’t exactly empty after that pumping and was feeling a little tender so around 9, I decided to hand pump out what was left.  I still got like a max of 4 oz over the course of 12 hours!! I am wanting to wean so this shouldn’t be such a shock to me, I am done nursing but it is still bittersweet when you know that final day is coming.

Thursday evening I still woke up around 2:30 but quickly went to sleep.  Funny enough, the first night I was away, the kiddo did wake up at 2:30 as well and my mom gave him a bottle [he doesn’t use bottles anymore but I brought it out in case there were any issues with me being away], the second night he slept from 8:20-7:45 STRAIGHT.  I sort of think my mom slept through his wake ups which is fine as we were sleep training anyways, but I was SHOCKED!!! My kiddo slept through the entire night and of course I wasn’t even there!!!  I couldn’t wait to get home after the second day of the conference, one day for me was fine, but two nights away was a little hard at this stage – baby steps right?  I rushed back as fast as I could to home, it was of course a big blizzard the entire way, but the reunion was awesome.  

That night, either the kiddo really did miss me that much or, like I said, my mom slept through the entire thing, he did wake up a few times, but since we are still sleep training I didn’t go to him until I think it was like 4 am or so? I think he is also getting another tooth and if history proves anything, this guy loves to wake up soooo much more if he is teething.  We are working on the second canine and this one better break through faster than the first.

The weekend was a lot of fun, well as much fun as you can have when it is -15 out and a kiddo that doesn’t necessarily enjoy getting all those clothes on every single time you go outside.  I did get to run on the treadmill quite a few times, just ‘small’ distance like 1, 3, or 4 miles.  Those feel amazing.  I love my new treadmill, it is so quite, I do have a little dvd player that sits on it, it DOESN’T SKIP!!, and I probably could hear it if I wanted, but I love my music and I like to watch movies with subtitles anyways.  I’m not really hearing impaired, I can hear quite well, I just like to read while I watch!

Well I think that is all I will recap for now, I’ll get into my not so lovely work week tomorrow which includes a 40 minute wait on hold…


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