I feel frantic

So I am still continuing the last few days of my life…

Since moving into the new house, we also finally got to open up a pot and pan set that was gifted to us at our wedding.  It is a very nice stainless steel set.  Saturday morning, typical pancake Saturday. And I cannot seem to not burn the bottoms of these pans.  Insert photo –>


I’m not a stellar photographer but that is burnt butter around the edges.  I’ve never had to ever scrub dishes clean like I have these last few days.  And I swear, the burner is on low too… I’ll figure it out.

Alright, alright, spring into getting back into the work week.  I’ve been trying to integrate a few things that I learned from the conference into my business, a lot of them a fairly easy, one of them is trying to get a better deal for our phone bill, which is atrocious anyways but seeing where we can ‘bundle’ things along.  I spent 40 minutes on hold with the phone vendor to be sort of brushed off at the end.  We aren’t that big of a company but I guess with the type of phone stuff we have had we had to be connected to this person then to that person then to this person, then when I finally got a name of our account manager, this lady was very short with me telling me not to worry about reading that “Your rate is going up come Dec 1” doesn’t mean anything, your rate isn’t moving (but it is) and you can email this person, goodbye, click.  I did, I did! hear the phone click, she didn’t even wait for me to say goodbye.  I wasn’t going to ‘lash out’ on her, but I like to say goodbye at least even if I wasn’t handled 100% the way I thought I should be.

Ah well, lessons in business some how.  Probably lessons in how to keep your cool as I don’t want clients to get mad at me for certain things.  There has to be some karma in there somewhere right?

Things did get to slow down last night, I had my family over for some Chinese food.  My dad got the food from an establishment that we haven’t had food from there since, I swear, my grade 12 year.  I’m now 30 so that’s a very long time.  We ate, cleaned up, sent the kiddo to bed – he didn’t really get sent we did our normal bedtime routine, and then just hung out with the hubby for a little bit before calling it a night at 8:55.  Yep, that is not a typo, I am and for ever will be a person who goes to bed early.

I’m trying to get in the habit of taking more photos of the day to day activities, hopefully soon I will get better at that.


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