Five on Friday #2

I’m so happy it is the weekend, sure sure I only worked 4 days this week, but still it has been frantic and fast!

1) You can’t baby proof everything –>


2) Although we haven’t been on THREE severe snow warnings this week, I still have shovelled the driveway way too many times this week


3) My new nightly ritual is going on the treadmill for a single episode of “Pretty Little Liars” so far so good



Now that is a bad photo – it’s pretty dark in our basement so the flash really bleached things out.  I did 4.5 miles last night.

4) Selfies are hard… now I will never say anything about other selfies ever again.  I think I will put a max of three shots (what I did yesterday) and then pick the best of the three. We are all just a little vain aren’t we!


5) Staff Christmas party this weekend.  Who likes to drink with their boss in tow? I’m the boss so we shall see!


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