I’m having a mind block tongue stumbling kind of a morning.  I do have to work today, which doesn’t help, and I am tired (that is my understatement of the century as I am always tired these days) so I have noticed that when I am saying things at work, they just aren’t flowing off my tongue like they normally do!


The weekend started off like any other weekend, I made some pancakes! 



The pan/burner combo was a tad better but really not really, I had to use butter every single time I put a new pancake on, they took forever to cook and they always stuck to the pan before you flipped to the other side. BOO!!! I was so frustrated! All that starting at like 6:30 in the morning.  The very last pancake was the only one that worked like they normally do.  I really like our pans, don’t get me wrong, they are all stainless steel so no teflon coating to ingest but man, they make making pancakes difficult!

Saturday was our office Christmas party and it was really good! The food didn’t sit well with me and so I was in a lot of discomfort during the comedian portion – he was on fire! He was sooo sooo funny, he even talked about how awful our local drivers are.  One of his jokes was “So red lights usually mean stop, right? Not here, they mean “and two more”” it was very funny! I wish I could remember more of his jokes as they had me laughing the entire time.  My bedtime is like 9 pm so I was getting pretty tired, so when the band came on following the comedian, i tried my best to stay for more of their sets but I just couldn’t.  I needed to go to sleep.

Sunday we went over to my parent’s for a small Grey Cup party (the canadian equivalent to the superbowl).  This today, the kiddo decided he didn’t want to nap for me, so towards the end of the evening, everyone was working him up so he was running here and there and it was awful trying to contain him to put on his winter jacket!  All of that, plus no nap, meant a terrible evening, he was up every two hours for sure.  We have been sticking hard to the sleep training and I normally don’t go to him until 4:30 in the morning now, but he was wailing hard core at 12:30 this morning that I did end up going to him.  With all the other nights, if he did wake up he would complain for maybe a minute then go back down, this was like 5 or more or serious crying.  

Tonight should be better right?  I hope so, although at work today all I can think about it my bangs.  I cut them shorter I think way back in like April – I can’t even remember it’s been that long.  Of course, hair grows, and I am growing them out as they were in that stage of “Too short to put behind ear, but too long to look like bang bangs” for a while.  There is this one piece that WILL NOT go behind my ear and it gets greasy as I try to force tuck it behind my ear! I don’t have any bobby pins here or else it would get tacked up that way!

Getting a hair cut really won’t solve this problem now will it!


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