I know not a lot people read this.  It is a fact as I don’t really share the url around when I comment on other blogs – I’m getting more brave and will start doing this more and more, but until then I know it is literally just me and my thoughts.  I put up a photo yesterday talking about pancake saturdays.  When I went home yesterday, a thought popped into my head “Jade, that wasn’t a photo of pancakes, it was a photo of what you baked!”  See, does this look like pancakes to you?


No? I didn’t think so either.  It was a banana bread combination.  I had read a really good looking dish of maple flavored banana bread on Friday and I knew we had ripe bananas so I was going to make it.  I did add maple syrup (the recipe called for maple flavor not syrup – I didn’t have any on hand), apple sauce (which I didn’t have either but I did have a really ripe avocado), and since I didn’t really write down the recipe and couldn’t find it on the internet when I got home, I threw a lot of stuff into that dish.  It turned out surprisingly moist and tasty! Had to be the avocado right? I should have let it cook like 5 minutes more, but I did pretty good just throwing stuff into the mixing pot!

Food thinking consummates a greater portion of my day unless I am very busy at work.  I think about breakfast, what to have for lunch, and then what to make for supper.  It gets pretty “full” in my head.  Even when I am eating I am thinking about what will be next and when I get to eat it.  I’m pretty obsessed.  Like a lot of people, I do have my issues with food, with what will be good for me, healthy enough for me, help me work on this spare tire kind of way.  Now I’m not that overweight.  I know it. But I am over my happy weight by quite a bit.  I had to gain about 10 pounds to get pregnant with my first, I only gained around 25 pounds, and then from the first week post partum I have hovered at the exact same weight give or take 2-3 pounds, which is still 10 pounds above my “conception” weight, so roughly 20 pounds more than I want. I know I am still nursing so I do believe to a certain extent I have some fat stores staying, but I do also know that I have been over eating for my activity level.  Even in the heat of my marathon/running training I was eating a little too much too (in hindsight) and so it wasn’t a fat loss burner for me either, in fact it was stressing out my body and I could see the swollen-ness of my face!  I don’t necessarily need to get back to my ultimate happy state, but I would love to get down to at least the conception weight.

I do feel that I need to tame my sugar tongue and with that the grain beast too (with my readings about a paleo vs primal health stuff I am getting very anti-grain).  I feel if I can get those under better control the other factors will follow suit.  I just need to get on boat and stay on the boat!


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