Oh no, not the wonderful place in Hawaii, Kona Kase.  One of the only prepared boxes of schtuff I can find that delivers to Canada.  I stumbled upon this perusing one of my multiple blogs sites.  (Side note: I pronounce them bee-logs instead of the normal blogs).  I jumped on it right away as I live in a smaller-ish city that doesn’t have a lot of cool stuff.

When I first signed on, it took quite a while for my first ‘kase’ to come in.  From their website, they prepare them to get sent out mid month.  I started to get worried when it was the beginning of the next month that I still hadn’t received my first case.  Sometimes with customs, mail, everything, getting mail up here can get delayed.  I waited an appropriate amount of time and then of course emailed the company.  They were very fast in their response and I had received the box roughly a week later.  I really enjoy this box, it may seem small, but what you get in it is great.  I have had I think three or four of them now and always enjoy getting them. I receive it at work (which if you are mailing anything out to yourself, you should get it mailed to your place of work it really brightens up your day!) and immediately open and then place the items in order of which I want to try them out.

This was the latest one I had received:



I ate the paleo cookie, very tasty and I should have kept the wrapper to see if I could recreate it! It had like 4 ingredients.  And I also tried the Chia bar, which was also good but the seeds got all stuck in my teeth.  I try to limit myself to one a day – as much as I don’t want to be watching my calorie intake, the big mazamabar has a whopping 410 calories in it, which for some that is all that you need for a meal.  I have a tendency to just mindlessly snack throughout the day so I do have to be a bit mindful of what I do.   I will continue to have a membership with this brand for a while until I find that the items are not worth my liking anymore.



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