Giveaway Gripes

I know on a day of Thanks for the States I shouldn’t really be dishing out some gripes, but as I was working this thought popped into my head and I can’t get it out.  Giveaways are great, they are, I understand their nature and what they do for those blogs and I, of course very heartily, enter them!  My luck is poor for most contests.  I have literally won zero of those that I have entered, except this one a few months ago. Maybe just a month, I have no idea, but that day when the post came up announcing the winners and I saw my comment being one of them I was soooo thrilled.  I emailed the blogger with my details and even said I was so excited I should buy a lottery ticket as I never win anything! There was an email back saying that they will let me know when they mail it out, but since then there has been email silence… I don’t know if I should bug them or not.  I think I will after the big T (aka Thanksgiving).

And then I had entered another one a few weeks back, and I do keep going back to their website to see if they have announced the winners, and not a word, not a mention of anything towards this giveaway.  And then of course now I doubt myself if I was even going back to the right blog to check! I have gone backwards through their posts and yes it was the correct one.  Guess I need to write a comment mentioning the giveaway.

I mean this really defines the “first world problems” like I have nothing else better to do but to complain about giveaways, when they are announced, and when I should receive my prize if I should win! I have so much other things to busy myself with, why in the world would I busy myself with that! I have no idea.

See once again, the strange thoughts that pop into my head at any given moment of any given day!


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