Our Sleep Training Experience – Part 1

To begin with, I tried to publish post on a timer so that I wouldn’t do it, but I, ah, didn’t do that right! At least it’s just me who it bothers!!


Last night was a magical night.  I had nursed the kiddo, put him in his bed, he gave me smiles, asked for his blanket, which I put on him, and then said “Good Night” and walked out of the room, closed the door.  I was expecting some cries, a word of upset, but not a darn one.  From the monitor, he rolled a few times, and within about ten minutes he was asleep.

Wow, I couldn’t believe that just happened.

Let’s rewind several months.

At 4 months, there is a big sleep regression, it’s very renouned, he wasn’t the best sleeper prior, the longest stretch I had were a few 5 hour stretches. Not too bad, I didn’t mind.  But at 4 months, it was up to every two hours.

Photos are not at correct age

Photos are not at correct age

By 6 months, this did not get better it got worse, like every 45 minutes to an hour, this is where our co-sleeping began.  I had begged and begged the hubby to begin some sleep training as I had to work and going to work on extremely broken sleep was affecting me big time.  I remember having a cry in front of a client because she was being difficult.  I don’t know if she will be back, and if she is I hope it is when I do not have another little child.  Hubby said no, he is too young, he wanted to get kiddo looked at by a pediatrician before we started.  So, grumbily tired I said ok.

By 7.5 months (it takes a while in our community for some referrals for a very healthy baby), we had our appointment, she said it was okay, hubby was not there so did not believe it.  So we continued on doing what we were doing.

By 9 months, hubby said alright lets take him to the ER so we can be seen by one of those specialists to ensure he is okay and then we can sleep train.  I said alright, but this visit bugged me sooo much.  1) I felt it was a complete waste of our healthcare system, and 2) the doc treated me like I was some sort of low grade mentality, I am in the health profession myself so I do know quite a bit, 3) the hubby loved this doc and fed on her every word [there may have been few insults thrown from me to hubby that he felt she was an attractive big city doc so of course her advice trumps my small town doc – – even though it was the same… plus I knew this big city doc did not have her own child, so her advice was textbook.  That night we did try, he cried for 90 minutes (with checks) and then sat there for 60 minutes, I finally went in to see what was going on, which stressed him out, he had to poop his diaper.  We repeated this the next night and he had pooped with in 45 minutes.  I believe I quit the third night, neither kiddo nor myself was ready.


At about 11 months, from the doc at the ER, they had referred us to a big city pediatrician.  This doc had given me a name to a book I had never heard about before – the Sleep Lady Shuffle. It had a similar outlook to sleep training like I did.  Because we have co-slept, you are breaking quite a few associations of sleep, doing the cold turkey to me is very harsh.  That night we had started this type of sleep training, my main emphasis was to get him into his own bed for the first part of the night and then I would bring him back to bed after a few wake ups.  The first night, I was by his bed telling him it was okay for about an hour, the second night 45 minutes, the third? 5 minutes of fuss and then down for about 4 hours. No poops, this was success.  I was very fine with this, we still co-slept, I got some time to myself after he went to bed to get things ready for the next day, have maybe 30 minutes to myself.  The hubby still wanted him out of our bed 100% but I said we will work on it.

To be continued…


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