Changing a Lifestyle

For me, it is trying to curb my sweet tooth and the afternoon crash.  Yes, I do think the afternoon crash will get helped when i get a full nights rest, and probably the sweet tooth too, but I have these severe cravings that just aren’t enough sometimes!

For a good 4 months, I have been listening and reading a lot about the paleo/primal lifestyle changes, which just means limiting grains intake as well as processed sugar.  I haven’t really taken the plunge to it prior – I have made dishes and such, but my hubby is a big carb carnivore.  [There is another post in here I could write about how my hubby doesn’t like my cooking, but that is for another day – his mom is an excellent cook so I cannot compare…] and it’s difficult making stuff for him that I know I shouldn’t eat.  Yes, I have thought that he can make his side dish for himself but too many cooks in the kitchen is not a great idea.

Wednesday I finally took the plunge and am counting my carbs and limiting my grains and sugar intake. The first day wasn’t too bad at all, I ingested about 70g of carbs.  I did find myself at my usual times – on my lunch hour when I went out to do errands eyeing the chocolate bar aisle, and right before bed that I really wanted to binge and get that sugary high.  But I stayed strong to myself and said I have to give this an honest three week try, so basically until Christmas, to see if this lifestyle change is for me.  I am trying to see if it helps me lose weight as I know with some of my sugary grabs put me over my caloric intake for my activity level and that is making my weight stay the same.  I feel like I have been gaining or at the least changing my muscle into fat… so much of my pants are tight and I do not feel comfortable in my own skin.

I really want to do right for myself for the next few weeks.  I hope the sugar crash isn’t too hard.  I tried to time it right that I wouldn’t get the worst of the ‘sugar brain’ on a work day but we will see! My carb intake isn’t low like Atkins so shouldn’t have a too bad of withdrawal.  Prior, my intake wasn’t too bad except when I did the sugar grabs.


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