A New Day

I wanted to start this post talking about the food conundrum but there is nothing new in this area.  I did give one bag of the cookies to my staff, one ended up in the trash, and I still have one at my desk that has two left in it.  Yes, I should just throw it out and I just should.  Then as I started to type the rest of the post, i realized I was more talking about sleeping and nighttime stuff, so I deleted the first paragraph and rewrote it as such.  I will discuss food again probably very soon.

Like before, I have talked about how we have been working on the kiddo’s sleep.  We have gone through a big milestone last night.  He has been going down to sleep so easy.  Like it’s not even a fight which is the complete opposite for the last 18 months – it’s surprisingly nice.  As much as he clings to me when I return home after work, he is starting to understand the night time and what “going to bed” means.  I have been cutting down the amount of night feeds for about a month now, and we had one more to go.  He will wake up around 5/5:15/5:30 so I would go in, nurse, in attempts to make him go back to sleep as I have a rule that we don’t start our day until 6 am.  Now if he was to wake at or after 6, then I wouldn’t try to get him back to sleep, we would start the day.  Today, or this morning rather, was one of those days.  He slept in until 6:30, so I did not go into his room at all last night, which is crazy! I slept myself from like 10-5 without waking (that sounds funny but it is true – I’m so use to waking up multiple times I have to relearn sleep myself), and then I tossed and turned for about an hour before I finally decided to get myself up.  I missed my little kiddo!

I’m now down to two nursing sessions per day which is a big accomplishment in itself.  I was reading another person’s blog about their 8 month old and only nursing 4 times!! I was thinking, man I was doing 4 sessions like a month ago, when he was 8 months old I swear it was closer to 10… I’m still a little sad about this but still happy.  The times that I nurse is the right before bed and the 5:xx wake up.  When I went into his room today i did bring his sippy of milk so that we can cut that feeding out from myself, but he did want more of a comfort nurse, so I let him.  I do feel that this session will be leaving in a few days.  The last one, the right before night night one, I can continue for a little while – although I know I am basically dried up [I know the let downs are minimal if any], but I can sense that we are both headed toward a similar direction.

I really had no idea that 18 months ago when he was born I still would be nursing at this point.  I do feel blessed to be able to continue this that long!


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