My Year in Running

I haven’t talked a lot about running here as of late.  I am still doing it as my evening exercise but because I live in the land of snow and right now it has been -30 I have been a treadmill rat and so the workouts don’t really vary.  This will also be my very first link up as well.  If you want to participate, check out Shoe Laces and Bibs for her rules and link up.

Totally one of those days where I typed this all up, and then it posted a previous (almost blank) draft… bah hum bug.

1. My main goal for this 2013 was: to run my first half marathon with my friend.

2. My Running Shoes: I started the year in Asics 25xx – I actually forget what it is called, I overprotonate so I need the support.  After my marathon and ugly toes later, I realize I need to either go up in a size or change my shoe.  I am now trying a type of Saucony

3. Favorite running gear item of 2013: My Garmin 110.  The hubby got it for me for Christmas last year, and I have loved every second with it!

4. Playlist screenshot: I cannot figure out how to do this on the Mac.  Right now I have a lot of the soundtrack from the most recent Hunger Games movie.  They are slow but really awesome.

5. Number of races: Break it down:
3k – 0
5k – 0
10k – 2
Half – 2
Marathon – 1

6. Most difficult race & why: My first half marathon this year.  Sure I did awesome, but I hadn’t run that far yet and so the mental game kicked in.   And there were hills! I was training on extremely flat paths.

7. Favorite fun run: My 20 miler in the summer.  I had completed it on the farm and the gravel they had put down on the roads this year were so very soft.  Every step you put down was like putting two down.  When I completed, I just knew that I was going to complete my marathon easily!

8. Favorite course: Not sure, I just enjoy the race experience with the spectators, I must have the blinders on as I don’t really look around too much!

9. Race I want to do again next year: I want to come down to the states and participate in a Rock’n’roll series, either like Portland or somewhere like that.

10. Best bling/shirt from a race: Love my medal from the Edmonton Marathon just because!

11. PR/PB: I did a 10K sort of on the fly with my friend after the marathon.  I hadn’t really been running a whole lot, but I placed 3rd overall female with a time of 50:17! I was so elated

12. Longest run: 26.2

13. Out of state runs: None

14. Total miles ran: 882.14 that is a lot!

15. Favorite motivational/inspirational quote of 2013:  Trust your training

16. Lessons I’ve learned: I may need to get bigger shoes.  Which leads into #17

17. Injuries I battled and overcame: I didn’t really think this was an injury but it is in a sense.  Doing the higher mileage and sort of improper shoes, I had four bloody toenails.  My index toe on the left greater than the right has a terrible looking nail now.  I’m unsure if it is like an ingrown toenail or what but it looks disgusting.  I did see a podiatrist about it and it can take upwards of a year to fully grow out, I just have to keep it trimmed.  If it started to get painful we may want to look into anti-fungals but still I am still nursing and wanting to get pregnant the course of those medicines is quite long so we are just observing for now.

18. 3-5 Most inspiring people: List their blog, twitter or instagram-wherever you follow them:  I read a lot of blogs for their running content. I have way too many to list.

19. Favorite place on social media to connect with runners:  Yes I read a lot of blogs but I guess I am still ‘anti-social-social’ so far as I don’t really connect with them in a lot of different ways.  Maybe facebook?

20. 2 goals for next year: 1) Go for a sub 50 10 Km and 2) Continue my mileage without doing harm to my body.

Hope you enjoyed!


4 thoughts on “My Year in Running

  1. I absolutely hate when I type something and it mysteriously disappears on me!!!! Just now my thought disappeared from my head. I had a clever comment for you, and now, I just can’t remember what it was.

    Stay warm in the land of snow. I love the cold, but can’t imagine it THAT cold….or for THAT long. Winter in Houston is approximately 3 months: December, January and February. The bathing suits start showing up in the stores around mid-February!

    • I would love love love a short winter like that! I’m getting jealous reading everyone’s races as of late. I always question why in the world did the pioneers decide to live here, but for some odd reason I don’t move away either!

  2. Great quote for the year! When I ran my first half in Oct I found myself saying that in my head around mile 10… it helped! Good luck with those toenails! I love Saucony shoes!
    Thanks for linking up!

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