Mental Note

I need to take more pictures.

I was looking through my phone as it holds so many memories over the last 20 months, and I have noticed that I haven’t been taking as much photos lately.  I know and I want to be putting more in here to break up the heavy worded paragraphs, but when I look at what I have taken photos of lately, there really hasn’t been any!  We had even put up our Christmas tree and I hadn’t even taken a single photo of that.   Well, the last few days, I have been busy taking photos!

Playing with phone settings

Playing with phone settingsIMAG2107

Yes, the hubby had to get the most largest tree out there.  He even had to lob off the top just a bit so it wouldn’t rub up against the ceiling.  I keep telling him sometimes, bigger isn’t better, he always says after the fact “Maybe you are right”.



I made a little chicken paprika(sh?) basically chicken, sour cream and paprika, I’m sure there are other ingredients, but I didn’t look it up.  The kiddo and I enjoy our vegetables roasted. I roasted brussel sprouts and kohlrabi.  Yummy.


I did a sweaty 5.25 miles yesterday.   I sweat a lot. I’m trying to get into a 10 k running form as I will be doing a 10k race on January 11.  Yes, in the cold and in the snow. I don’t know why I am really!


The best way to eat your blueberries in the morning while mommy cooks breakfast is on the floor!  I made an omelet this morning, I am still having troubles with our pans and I couldn’t flip the omelet correctly. Oh well, I don’t really care about presentation but about sustenance!

So there I go, a little more photo worthy of a post today.



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