The Weekend – on a Tuesday

The weekend was quite relaxing. I did get to go into the city for a lovely brunch, had a great Eggs Benedict at a place that doesn’t have the best service.  About a year (or more) ago, we had gone there with about 6 adults, 3 kids (aged 7 mo, 9 mo, and almost 2 years).  The server was awful.  I understand some people don’t like kids, that is fine, but our kids were very well behaved (I don’t think the 7 & 9 mo old even chirped).  Sure the 2 year old had some tantrums, but the dad of that kid took him out quickly to quell the tantrums.  The server was so short with us and put on a XX% gratuity on it because we were a big table.  I had told everyone that I wasn’t going to go back to that place in a very very long time.  We didn’t have the kiddos with us and this place really is the best place for eggs benedict, so we tried it again.  The food always delectable, but at the end there when one of my friends was still finishing up her coffee – the server said to us to sit at another table to finish so they could get another table in.  Since we were done anyways, we just left.



You know how excited I was to go running outside? Well, big dump of lots of fluffy snow coupled with a heat wave, freezing rain, creating the world’s most slipperiest surface and winds of 90 km/hr gusts meant I did not do it… At least it looks pretty outside?



Someone had fun taking everything out of every drawer and stacking their own boots!



You know how I can’t wait until the winter solstice? Well, this weekend the kiddo has decided a 5 am wake up call is perceivably the best time to wake up.  Because I don’t want to start my day that early, we basically cuddle until 6 – a lot of times he is so squirmy, I can’t fall back asleep and I’m not so sure if he has fallen back asleep yet either.  So, I am in the dark for a very long time.  This was taken at 7:48 am, the full sunrise didn’t start until 8:36…



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