18 Months

Although he turned a year a half last week, I wanted to wait until we had his 18 month shots and exam before posting to get all his deets!

I would like to begin this post about sleep.  We have finally worked through the sleep issues.  Kiddo normally goes to bed between 7/7:30 and will sleep until 6:30 ish.  He has around 1 1/2 to 2 hour nap (sometimes less, hardly ever more than that).  I knew he wasn’t the best sleeper from day 1, many many months ago I came to terms with that and it has been fine. If I let “us” sleep in on the weekends, sometimes you do not want to even go down for your nap. [just realized I went from using the pronoun him to you… I’ll keep with the you]  You still need it and get very cranky towards bedtime on those days, I do too, I usually want to run during your nap instead of waiting til 8 pm to do it.  We are still doing one nursing session right before bed, but I will be cutting those out in the next few days.

Your personality has always been sweet.  Whenever I get home from work, “Up Up Up” you go into my arms and there is where you stay until I am done preparing supper.  You cuddle us so much, give anyone who wants one a hug and a kiss.  You do have several tantrums each day from simple things from me telling you “cannot play on the stairs it is dangerous” to “I have closed the drawer to the pots”.  You get very upset and cry out, this is something we are working on as I still have no idea how to handle some of those tantrums except let you cry for what seems like a long time.


Yes each baby develops differently, and I’m sure you really do say about 50 words right about now, I don’t really believe it – most are sounds of animals – the words to me seem rare.  I know you understand everything that I say from “let’s put this in the garbage” to “put your clothes in the basket” to “are you tired?”.  I cannot wait until we can have an actual conversation.  Recently you have figured out the word “Help.”  And i do like to help you out whenever you ask!


You still get angry at me for leaving in the morning for work.  I know you love hanging out with the nanny all day long, but you still continuously call out for me.  You know the sound of the garage door opener and are waiting for me at the top of the stairs when I come in.

You weighed in at a whopping 25.5 pounds and 31.5″ for length.  You have 14 teeth and another incisor coming in.  These incisors take forever to break through the gums.  You have always had a large head and with your new haircut it does look even bigger. Sorry, you got that from me, but it just means you are going to be very smart.  Your dad thinks you are not growing fast enough and you will be a shrimp [daddy is the shrimp of his family and he wants you to get the 6+ foot tall gene and his eye sight of course], but I think you are growing too fast! We have gone up in the pant size as your legs did grow this last little bit and it is too cold to be wearing ‘clam diggers’ even if we do spend every single day inside.



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