Five on Friday – Dec 20/13 Version

1) We met Santa yesterday.  

We waited not too long to get onto Santa’s lap.  In fact, I was quite astounded that hardly any kids had a ‘bad’ experience ie. cry loudly.  When we got to the front of the line, the hubby was first holding the kiddo, so i decided I should let him put kiddo on Santa’s lap.  Hubby had a different idea, let kiddo walk to Santa instead.  I see kiddo get a little freaked out and start to back up beside Daddy, so I grabbed Kiddo and placed him on Santa’s lap.  Cue major scream fest.  Boy loves his momma:



He didn’t calm down for quite some time.  He held on to me so tight for like 30 minutes, it was cute and well, funny (sorry kiddo!)

2) I’ve been itching to race – I love the medals from races.  So I have been looking up what will be in store for 2014.  I do see a half marathon potentially in my future (and in February too)

3) Speaking of running, I’ve been amazed at what I’ve been doing on the treadmill.  I’m trying to increase my mileage base, but of course steady state miles on the ‘mill are boring so I have been doing 1 minute 6 mph, then 1 minute 7 mph, for 10 minutes, then the next ten I will to the higher on at 7.7 mph, then for another 5 minutes do it at 8 mph! And then if I still feel like watching more of the program I’m watching, I’ll slow down to about 5 mph and do hills – got to keep the legs ready for ‘real running conditions.”

4) I wrote out a slightly shortened 9 week intermediate half marathon training plan and taped it on the wall.  I believe I will actually follow all the points on it this round (like mile repeats, speed work, running at your projected half marathon pace etc.).  I didn’t do that with my first go around and yes I had a great pace anyways but it’d be nice to complete runs faster!

5) We bought two new movies last night when we were at the mall and hubby watched both of them last night WITHOUT me… I know there is a lot of wrong in that picture but seriously, one alright I’m okay with that, but both that were supposed to last us through the weekend!? 


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