Christmas = Spring Cleaning

Am I the only one who gets the urge to purge after Christmas? We didn’t receive a lot of gifts this year (my side of the family opted to not exchange gifts except to give for my kiddo and my little sister – the parents wanted to make it equal, since the older sis and I got gifts until we were 30 [although technically I was 29…], the little sis should receive the same) and the hubby’s side gave a lot for the kiddo and just a few for each of us.

The hubby has an incessant need to hold on to almost everything.  I have a little rule, if we haven’t used it in, oh say 3 years, we can get rid of it.  Him, on the other hand, will hold onto it FOREVER. There is a really big can of protein powder from his “heavy” lifting days that expired in 2001 that he cannot get rid of.  In fact, he had two of these things, but I threw one of them out 2 years ago and he hasn’t even noticed…

Let’s just say that he went to the garage to work on a project and I put multiple things that I had been “saving to throw out” for a year – mainly terrible Christmas presents from a few years back.  I know, I know, but I am going to donate them to a second hand service as they aren’t bad, we just will never use them.

But I guess the worst thing about my Christmas vacation is that it was cut short.  The business partner could not make it into work this week.  They gave me little to no notice about it (although there were signs earlier on that I won’t get into).  I wasn’t in town for the last few days but it was a staycation so to speak so I was only two hours away, but drive drive I did this morning on these kinds of roads:

IMAG2148 IMAG2149


I mean not bad considering it was 9:00 am…

Back to the grind 😉



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