Really it is Friday?

I had a really nice day off yesterday.  And I am going to do the same thing today!

I considered my day a little like the movie “About a Boy” where Hugh Grant breaks up his day into units of time.  Which reminded me how on New Year’s Eve we watched the movie “Warm Bodies” which has the kid in that movie all grown up playing a zombie in reverse.  And then it makes you think “Wow, how much a boy can change over the year.” then it makes you sad as then you realize your little boy will be growing up too and may not look a single thing like he does today! Sad face!

For my first unit of time yesterday, I sat at Second Cup, enjoyed a latte, and got some work done.  I have three projects on the go for work and I basically completed two of them.  Well, not really but got a good chunk of them done.  I am a big procrastinator.  I don’t have to be, but I am, nothing like leaving things to the last minute to make sure you do a poor job of it! (That’s not necessarily true, but if I would do things how they are when I need to do them I am sure I would give them an adequate working…)

My second unit of time I went to the gym.  I haven’t stepped in a gym in over 19 months.  I regularly visited a gym during my pregnancy and did a lot of classes.  When I got to 37 weeks, my membership had expired and I had used up all my punches for the classes and I was due right away so I didn’t go (even though I was finally induced at 42 weeks… hindsight right?).  I missed it, I really do although the gym I use does not have child care and my work hours and home hours just do not allot time for it anymore.  I took a before selfie:



Ran on the treadmill for a nice 5.25 miles.  Was contemplating doing some weights but just did some abs. I just cannot get myself to do much strength work outs anymore.  My motivation for it is so small.  I want to do it and need to do it as I fear for injuries with just running all the time (and of course running inside on the treadmill all winter too).  But I can’t make myself do it.  Anyways, I left and took a selfie in the car.



I don’t know where I got that pimple from.  Must be an ingrown hair.  Truth be told, I don’t pluck my eyebrow (well that is a lie, I do pluck the odd straygely like once every three months or more, but I had electrolysis when I was younger to cure me of my unibrow.  It wasn’t a terrible unibrow but it was there, my mom was into ‘new wave’ kind of things and wanted to help with my self image 🙂

The next unit of time was spent spending a lot of money.  I went shopping.  I bought some stuff to run outside with like a jacket shell, a toque that I can sweat in, under armour sweat wicking stuff, a winter jacket (I don’t have one I have been using my fall jacket, yes I am an idiot who lives in Canada without one – but not anymore), jewelry, a shirt, groceries, other stuff I can’t remember.  You know how I keep wanting to go outside and run? I keep charging the Garmin to do it and even this weekend I have high hopes of running outside except this:



Did you see that? At the end there, wind blowing with a windchill of -40? I’m not sure if I can do that!

The next unit of time was spent getting my hair did.  I got some highlights and made the girl chop off about 3 1/2 inches.  I needed a change, a big one.  Bad selfie in car and the camera phone would not take a good photo:



I don’t mind it just yet.  I am one of those people that it takes a few days to like my haircut and color.  I even have to wash it myself and style it myself, even though all they did was straighten it.  My only gripe about it is at the top right at the forehead hair line, she didn’t go all they way to the roots, so it looks like I have already been growing out my hair for probably 2-3 weeks.  That isn’t cool.

After all this, I decided it was time to go home.  I spend the next few units of time playing with the kiddo until I put him to bed and then finished the rest of Weeds.  Like any show, I’m sad to see that it is over!

Now to see what I can do today on another ‘mental health day.”


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