Resolutions Part 1

I began writing this up and realized that I have a lot to say about each individual resolution that I have this year.  So instead of being one wordy post regarding everything I want to accomplish this year I will break it up into 4.

1) Running Plans

2) Food Plans

3) Wife Plans

4) Personal Plans

I like running for numerous reasons.  When I do get to run the longer distances, I like the time I get to spend with my thoughts, clear my head, clear my mind, and even clear out my feelings.  Living in Canada where the snow gets in the way of running outside, previously it has hampered my view of staying fit in the winter (well more so now because I don’t get out to a gym or fitness classes).  I have spent the last few days or even weeks looking at this one website that posts local races for the province of Alberta.  I am itching to get to race.  That is also why I love running, I like to participate in the races and get the bling!  For Christmas (although I ‘wanted’ it too late), I want to get a medal display as I want to show off my handy work!

I have a few goals this year in regards to running:

a) Continue running in a injury-free way

b) Maintain a half marathon training ability

c) Complete 14 races in 2014 (I saw so many bloggers do the 13 in ’13 that I wanted to do the same for ’14)

In all respect, C) might be hard to complete here.  The races aren’t bountiful, but we will see how close I get towards the end of the year.  I have already signed up for three.  One is a 10K next Saturday – this one does not give out medals unless you place 1, 2, or 3 in your age group — this series is the one I got 3rd last year surprisingly.  I know, I know it was still a great race and to place is awesome but I just know that there were just slower people out there that one, so I don’t really expect to place especially when I know my running at home so far has been less than stellar. Anyhoo–

The next race is in February for a hypothermic half! Yes, I am getting myself outside to run some crazy stuff! This one sucked me in for the medal that you get at the end. I have already written up a training plan that I started the week of Christmas taped on the wall that is a 9 week based of the Runner’s World training plan from their half/full marathon training guide that I bought last year when I was running my first sets of those races.  It did me well last year when I did the basic.  I am doing the intermediate this time around, and going to try and do more of the ‘speed’ training runs instead of just running for distance.

The next race is a St. Patricks race 10K.

I have looked for the future, and I know a lot more will get put into the database, but I am potentially looking at another for April, May, well probably at least one a month.  I haven’t signed up for the one in April/May yet as I want to make sure that I continue with A) the running injury free.

All in all, I love to run and want to keep on doing it!


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