Polar Vortex

When I was younger, I was so amazed that all anyone ‘older’ could ever talk about was the weather.  Well, I am apparently a walking cliche as that is all I talk about too! I was driving to work and they had said that the majority of central Canada and the States was under a “polar vortex” which meant that the price of natural gas had to naturally go up 5%.  I totally see their logic there.  I mean, I am going to have to use more heat right now to heat my house so might as well pay more for it right?

The frost is entering the house!

The frost is entering the house!

The cold weather meant ridiculous windchill warnings so I have yet to run outside for my outside race on Saturday this week.  I really wanted to do a trial run outside as I had purchased grippers (more so I got them as a gift) and I wanted to see how they affected my gait.  Now I will only be able to tell on race day!  At least I got a nice treadmill run of 7 miles!

Bathroom selfie pre-workout. Have to get into 'not looking into the camera'

Bathroom selfie pre-workout. Have to get into ‘not looking into the camera’

Cold outside meant baking inside.  I made a paleo-ish ginger molasses cookie recipe, which was fairly tasty but the directions had stated that I would be able to make 18 with the amount of ingredients. IMAG2152

Does this look like 18 to you? And they aren’t at all big either! I wasn’t making massive ones!  Must have been one of those days that the humidity just wasn’t right  and so the dough did not work out? Oh and side note, the recipe probably said “squish them down” but I just made balls.  And my hubby likes to joke that all my cookies come out as balls!

Do my eyes deceive me? I count 9

Do my eyes deceive me? I count 9


On a food related note.  I’ve been trying to vamp up my nutrition.  That happens with a lot of people come January 1st, but it got me thinking.  I want to include more of the ‘rainbow’ of vegetables, but when I look in my fridge and I look at the grocery store, all I see is green, green, and green.  There really isn’t a good variety.  I feel like i have been eating brussel sprouts, broccoli, zuchini, and eggplant for eons.  I don’t know what else to get! I can’t eat peppers as it gives me indigestion, and when I look into the Paleo/Primal lifestyle they do talk a lot about night shades and FODMAPs and I do think I have some reactions to those foods but then I would really have no vegetables to eat!  It’s a sign to move to a nicer climate.


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