Thinking Out Loud #2

Once again, I am going to link up with Running with Spoons to blurt out all that I have been thinking about the last little while.


1) Exactly what time zone is WordPress on?  A few times I have done the “publish at XX time” instead of publish right now, and I swear it’ll be like 8 am here and 7 pm there, it makes thinking about the 24 hour clock very hard!

2) I got my yearly end report from Daily Mile.  Last year, I really wanted to track all my miles, which I do in two ways – on the calendar and then on the Daily Mile.  I did stop doing daily mile as when I signed up for it, I went through my facebook profile so I wouldn’t have to remember so many login/password information, but that meant every run I added my friends got to see it.  I’m sure I lost a few dear friends that way! hahaha

Screen shot 2014-01-08 at 8.09.47 AM

Technically, I did a total of 930 if you include the four months I didn’t put on there.  I think I am not going to add to daily mile this year, as I am very good at writing down the miles on the calendar.

3) It is so alright to dig into part of your lunch at 10:40 am.


4) Nightmares suck.  I’ve been on a dreaming kick lately (who knows why) but last night I had a terrible nightmare where I went outside as the hubby had to show me his construction project and it turned a little “The Day After Tomorrow” where a polar vortex of -50 came to where we were.  I was holding the kiddo and we were not dressed for the weather – it was more fall like weather in my dream prior to the vortex – and the kiddo was starting to freeze to death!  AAAHHH.  I woke up quickly.

5) Taking down real Christmas trees sucks.  They get so dry, the needles end up everywhere!


The hubby also said that “He won’t listen to me next year and get the biggest tree on the lot”.  I laughed as it was him who decided that a 9+ foot tree is what we needed.  That bugger was so hard to get into the house, he had to cut off the top to make it work with our ceiling, and it barely made it out the door when we got rid of it! Bah hum bug to you tree. [and side story, yes we threw the tree out that door in the above picture, we just moved into our house, it is a new build, so there is no deck, so the tree just fell to the ground, would have been funny to see from the outside!]

6) Can’t believe I am doing an outdoor road race this Saturday.  The weather has decided to cooperate, but I haven’t run outside since last October so I am nervous and hoping I don’t slip too much.  At least I will get to go to brunch afterwards!

Screen shot 2014-01-08 at 11.21.20 AM

7) I’m feeling a pancake kick coming on.  I do do them every Saturday, but I usually do our tried and true cottage cheese pancakes.  I saw a massive list on someone’s blog (the page has slipped my mind) and it got me excited.  But the excitement was a little short lived.  With a lot of recipes, if there is too many ingredients I tend to shy away.  I know I could handle mixing more together but I just have a mental block when I see that! We will see what I string together this Saturday (which I may move to Sunday since I have a lil race on Saturday)

I feel this post was way more put together than last weeks!

Take Care!


6 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #2

  1. Those dry pine needles are one of the reasons why I don’t mind the fact that my building doesn’t let us have real trees. I have a hard enough time dealing with the massive amounts of glitter that fall off my garlands — I’m not sure I could handle the needles. And I feel you on the pancake kick! While I can’t eat them for breakfast, they make the absolute perfect dinner, and I have no shame in admitting that that’s what I’ve been eating multiple times this week.

    Happy Thursday!

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