Resolutions Part 2

If interested in seeing my wordy thoughts, see Part 1 here.

Onto Part 2) Food Plans

With blogging, I have notice a common thing for the ones that I follow.  We all strive to monitor and correct our diet.  I’ve been trying (not so) hard to work on mine for probably half a year or so.  I have been listening to a lot of holistic podcasts – mainly Balanced Bites and The Paleo View – these ladies are not only witty and so informative, I learn so much while listening to them while I go to sleep (which does mean that sometimes it takes a few listens to get the whole thing).  And strangely, as much as I love the profession I am in, if I would have heard these things in my undergrad, I would have totally changed the path I did.  But that’s not the point of this post.

I know I have a terrible sweet tooth – more so that after lunch I need a big pick me up as I get so tired – like my eye lids are feeling heavy, my tears are not working properly so my eyes are scratchy, and I have a big yawn.  I know it is probably from 1) my lack of sleep and 2) my diet not really working at an optimal level for myself.  Some days I am good and do not do the afternoon sweet grab, but a lot of times I cave and I do and then it cycles into a terrible supper and snacks after supper.

I’m also trying to find out what works best for my body.  This time last year, I was 7 pounds lighter, yes I was a breast feeding fiend, even worse sleep than I get now, and I felt I looked decent.  I was eating a lot – I wasn’t counting calories or anything, but I remember I would wake up at like 4 am, have a overnight oats, have breakfast at work at 8, have the ladies get me a breakfast sandwich near 11, go home for lunch at 1, eat a good supper at 5 and probably have a snack near 7 or 8.  I ate all the time and felt trimmer [which doesn’t go to say that if I ate all the time now I would lose weight, as I swear some days I have done that and I am heavier because of it…].  I have gotten into some of my old bad habits which I know don’t help, but I also think part of that has screwed up my metabolism a bit.  I always swear and have had it tested multiple times that my thyroid does not do it’s job properly, but the tests always come back within normal limits.  I feel I am having those issues now but the tests say differently.

Not only would I like to find out what works for my body in regards to food, I would like to enjoy my eats and do right for myself in many ways.  This resolution as I know type it is a lot more convoluted than I thought and this will take a lot of will power to work through.  We will see what I come up with towards the end of the year I guess.


6 thoughts on “Resolutions Part 2

  1. The sweets really got me during the end of my pregnancy….and that continued through until the end of last year. I decided I am NOT going to continue eating sweets (I was never a sweets person pre-preg), and so I am just trying to make sure I distract myself, or otherwise steer clear. So far, 7 days sweets free, and feeling good. I do still put a tad bit of stevia in my coffee, but that is it. I find milk helps when I want a sweet too!

    • For me, I get stuck and the cave at day three each time I try so thanks for some suggestions!! It’s true breast feeding can really throw off the internal settings!!

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