I ran outside and I survived

That sounds very morbid… but in all reality it was a good race on Saturday.  The weather was quite ‘nice’ it was probably -7 – -10C with the windchill.  The paths were mainly cleared, and I was running with my friends!  How could anything go wrong! Well…

First, my garmin wouldn’t link up with the satellite because I was too close to the building.  We got to the race with like 10 minutes to spare — it was very small race about 40 people running the 5K and about 80 running the 10k — and well, I felt overwhelmed a tad at the start as everyone was right there and the lady was speaking into the microphone but you couldn’t hear a word she was saying about the course and then she said “GO!”.  I went to go press “start” on the watch and I had then noticed it said ‘Workout inside?” or whatever it says and then I pressed the wrong button to tell it to try again.  I had to wait until the 2K mark to try again.  This wasn’t good for me as I have a tendency to go really fast with everybody else and although I was prepared for this race I wasn’t (I needed to try running outside at least once right?).

Not that bad of a start really, but then I noticed just how slow I was going compared to everyone else! Once my garmin finally synced, it said my pace was something like 12 min/mi and that is where I was like ‘Huh?’ and then of course that makes a bad thought in your head and because I felt I was huffing and puffing hard that if I wanted to walk that would be okay.  I think my garmin was just taking its sweet asz time finding itself as a little while later I had looked and I was more at at 9:30 min/mi pace.  Sure, still slower than I normally am in races, but for a outdoor winter, that was fine.

This race was a loop that you did twice.  I didn’t really look at the scenery to be honest. And the part of each loop that killed me twice each time (for a total of four) was this pedestrian bridge, it was wood (or something like that) that they cannot clear from the snow.  So if you can imagine there was snow build up on each ‘slab’ and then the snow had fallen throw in between them… I lost pace on this each and every single time.

Overall not that bad of a race, but made me doubt doing a hypothermic half in about a months time.

Time: 58:33


4 thoughts on “I ran outside and I survived

    • It wasn’t too bad but my lungs are still paying for it! Its amazing how we get so reliant on the Garmin yet I’ve run so much without prior, but now hate it went I don’t have it.

  1. It is always so annoying when you are like come on Garmin just sync up and work already. I’ve had it happen before and especially during a race it is not fun. Well done on this race though sounds like it was cold though.

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