Thinking Out Loud #3

It is yet another Thursday which means it is time to

THINK OUT LOUD!! with Amanda at Running with Spoons


1) Sorry, I am not sorry, for lack of photos lately.  Ever since my outdoor race on Saturay I have gotten a cold.  It was the type of “my throat is so sore I cannot swallow except when I eat food then it feels really good” that has turned into a really tickley throat today and I also sound a little nasally.  In all honesty, I think I got it from a friend who also did the race.  We go for post-race eats and the very last dish, she had ordered green fried tomatoes which we all shared.  It came with this delectable sauce that I did dip my tomato in, then turned it to the other side as to not share my germs.  But, then I noticed that she was double dipping and during the race she had multiple “I had to stop to cough” kind of a thing going… germs.

2) My bangs. I cut my bangs almost a year ago, they looked really nice at the time, but the thing with bangs is either you keep doing them to keep them in shape or let them grow.  With me, I go about 4-6 months in between each cut and potential color so I do let things grow out way too long. Which is, essentially, what I have been doing is letting those bangs get ‘out of control’. What I don’t understand about this is that if hair grows even 1/16th of an inch each month, shouldn’t by now, these ‘bangs’ be regular hair by now? I have had two maybe three hair cuts since that cut and these bangs just do not seem to grow.  And in fact the other morning I woke up, looked at myself in the mirror, and thought I looked like Garth from Wayne’s World…. not a good way to wake up 🙂

3) Once again, I am taking the morning off to relax my mind, step away from work, go into the gym, those kind of things and I must have just woken up on the wrong side of the bed as my computer screen keeps changing it’s own brightness.  Since I did not bring my power cord, I have to conserve power and the best way to do that is to keep the screen on low.  It must be the ever changing outside light levels that are coming through the windows behind me but seriously I have turned down the brightness a lot of times in the last little bit!

4) Speaking of waking up, the last probably month I have had a wake up time of 5 am.  Sometimes, I will even naturally wake up before that as the kiddo has decided he has slept enough for the night and it is now time to play.  It is amazing how fast your body can get used to an earlier time to wake up, but I do go to bed at 8:30…

5) I was looking up some potential exercises to do at the gym.  In one of these plans it has you to do “Bird Dogs”.  I was like “What are these bird dogs?”.  I of course had to google to find out.  As I was typing Bird Dog into the search bar, the first one that came up was “Bird Dog Species“.  I laughed as all I could think who or more so rather what would be a bird dog specie.  Would it be a dog that can fly or a bird that has a really long wagging tongue… Maybe I did need more sleep after all.  I still haven’t actually seen what a Bird Dog exercise is, but I will soon.


Have a good one!



8 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #3

  1. Bangs used to be the bane of my existence until I started cutting my own between visits to the hair dresser. Have you ever tried doing that? It can be a little unnerving at first, but it doesn’t take too long to get the hang of it, and it’ll save you the hassle of having to deal with unruly bangs between visits. And there must be something in the air/water because I’ve been waking up super early lately too. I don’t really mind except for the fact that the sun doesn’t rise until super late so I spend a good 4 hours of the morning sitting in the dark 😕

    • I was totally going to suggest cutting your own. I personally haven’t had bangs in 4-5 years, but I used to get bangs every winter, and I would trim mine up every few weeks. Call me carefree (or careless), but, I just don’t think bangs have to be all perfect, unless you get really thick, blunt bangs… which case, they definitely need to be pretty straight. =)

      • I didn’t even think to cut it on my own. I agree too if they aren’t the blunt blunt types, they don’t need to be perfect, but I think I would have that fear that my hand would slip and I would take a big chunk out!

    • It’s a little funny how I didn’t think of doing it myself at all! I really can’t wait for more day light hours as well, I think I am missing my daily quota of vitamin D!

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