Five Things on Friday #?

1) I love Fridays.  I think this is namely why I cannot make myself work on Saturdays.  I am so ingrained in the Monday through Friday work week and relaxation happens on the Saturday and Sunday.  That being said, I don’t have any plans this weekend!

2) I’m very selective in my email.  I have it set so that only those in my address book get sent to my inbox, all the others get sent to the junk.  I still peruse the junk one everyday just to see if anything is in there of interest.  Today there was one from someone with a subject of ‘STOP CONTACTING THOSE PEOPLE.’ I couldn’t help but laugh as it is a little contradictory as I’m sure it really is me wanting those people to stop contacting me.

3) Speaking of the junk box, I’m not sure if at one point I had used the name “Joseph” to do a fake login.  I sure have noticed a lot of emails addressed to “Joseph De____”.  It is a little uncanny how often I see that name.

Actually I’m going to stop this at that as I can’t think of anymore! At least I will leave you with some pictures of me and the kiddo at probably 5:37, doesn’t he look amused?

IMAG2219 IMAG2220 IMAG2221 IMAG2222 IMAG2223


at least I got one smile out of him in the end…


4 thoughts on “Five Things on Friday #?

  1. I also admit I love Fridays too so I never like working weekends but it is a rare occurance so I am lucky.

    I think that is a great idea about your email! I get a lot of junk mail sent to my spam but forget to check it. That is funny about the Joseph thing!

  2. Aww such a cutie!! I have no weekends…. I work from home most of the time and all my days merge into one! I try to make sure I take Sundays off, but that rarely happens :S It’s not so bad because I can train in the middle of the day and go to appointments whenever I like.

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